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Washington state has an oral health care access problem and children of color, children living in low-income households, and children in immigrant families bear the brunt of it. But it doesn't have to be this way. There is a model proven to increase access to dental care and reduce inequities. This model adds dental therapists to the dental team and it is already working in states across the country and on tribal lands right here in Washington. 

Children's Alliance is working to make this proven model accessible to all Washingtonians by convening the Washington Dental Access Campaign (WDAC). WDAC is a coalition of over 40+ organizations  - including dental and health care professionals, tribal organizations, service providers, consumer rights advocates, grassroots organizations, and labor advocates.

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Share Your Dental Access Experiences

We want to make sure that lawmakers are hearing loud and clear from their constituents about personal experiences with the gaps in our dental care system. Please fill out our short survey and help us share your experiences with decision makers in Olympia. As we get closer to the 2020 state legislative session, we will keep you updated on opportunities to grow your advocacy for the health of your children, family, and community.
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Dental Therapy:
A Growing Movement with National Momentum

Support for dental therapy is building - both here in Washington state and across the country. Regardless of political party or geographic location, Washingtonians support this proven solution by wide margins. It’s no wonder why - currently 38 out of 39 counties have too few dental professionals to meet local needs. And while our state certainly isn't alone when it comes to dental care disparities - Washington is falling behind a growing number of states across the country that are marching towards a proven solution: expand access to care by authorizing dental therapy statewide.

Legislators across Washington are aware that this solution works for communities facing health disparities as our state has already authorized dental therapy in tribal communities. Check out this newsletter from our partners at the Native Dental Therapy Initiative celebrating five recently graduated dental therapists returning to serve their Washington tribes.

Now is the time to fight back against deep-pocketed special interests using their power to block expanded access to crucial dental care that rural communities, low-income communities, and communities of color have needed for far too long. 
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Jon Gould
Deputy Director
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