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This week, state legislators are making decisions about Washington's budget priorities, Take action today to ensure they hear from you that early learning be a priority. Take action!

All children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. High-quality Pre-K can set children on the path for success in school and beyond. Washington’s high quality Pre-K program, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), delivers proven results for kids and families. Yet very few kids can access it, and our state ranks near the bottom for access to promising programs like ECEAP. Tell your lawmakers: We urgently need to increase ECEAP access, fund quality and address infrastructure!
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Right now families are income-eligible for ECEAP if their incomes are below 110% of the federal poverty level (FPL). That's one of the lowest eligibility restrictions in the nation. It is so low that a single parent working full-time at minimum wage does not qualify. At the same time, Washington state's costs for private preschool are some of the highest in the nation. That means a lot of kids are left out of ECEAP, but private preschool is out of reach too.

How can we solve this? 

Children's Alliance and our allies are urging state lawmakers to ensure that all kids can benefit from acessing high-quality early childhood education by:
  1. Expanding the number of ECEAP slots available across Washington by 2,600, which will enable more children to access high-quality preschool; 
  2. Increasing the cost per child for ECEAP by 17%, which will enable us to hire and retain the quality and diverse workforce needed for great kindergarten-ready outcomes; and
  3. Pass HB 1351/SB 5437, which will give ECEAP programs necessary flexibility to enroll more children in preschool.
HB 1351/SB 5437 will provide flexibility to enroll children in ECEAP up to 200% of the federal poverty level. Kids with family incomes between 110% and 200% of the federal poverty line face very similar gaps to children in families with lower incomes in terms of preschool affordability and school readiness.

Here's why your action matters today: This bill lays out an ambitious vision of a better future for our kids. Legislative activity will shift dramatically to Floor action as the next cutoff deadline of March 13th looms. The hours spent on the Floor give legislators good time to review email, so now is the time to contact your lawmakers to support ECEAP expansion!
Thank you for speaking up for kids.



Jon Gould
Deputy Director

P.S. ALL our kids should have a great early childhood and get the support they need to get the most out of school!  Take action now!
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