We can't let CHIP expire.
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This week in Learn, Love, Lead! fight for kids' health care!

Tell your  members of Congress to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) before it expires on September 30th.

If Congress doesn't renew CHIP, Washington could run out of CHIP funds in November. The loss of funds could shift costs onto families. Kids' health benefits may be scaled back, families could pay more, and some families may lose coverage. We can't let that happen.

Every day Apple Health for Kids is helping Washington’s kids go to school and learn, play with their friends, and have the childhood every parent wants for their children.

A serious childhood injury or illness is every parent’s fear. For families who face such hard times, Apple Health for Kids is a lifeline. It ensures that sick or injured kids get the care they need, and that vulnerable families aren’t drowning in medical debt while caring for their child. 

Apple Health for Kids is a successful state program built on a foundation of federal funding. The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a critical block in that foundation.

To protect Washington's kids, Congress must renew CHIP before September 30th, and maintain the "enhanced federal match" that has helped record numbers of Washington kids get the care they need.

Congress is holding hearings on CHIP today! It's the perfect time to send your message.


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Take Action!
Together we fought back the attempt to slash Medicaid funding and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Together, we can win this fight for kids too.

In this difficult week, when President Trump cancelled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, our hearts are with the children, youth and families who are personally affected by this terrible decision. DACA provided deportation protection and work permits for some youth and young adults in immigrant families. With you, we will continue to fight for the rights, health, and well-being of ALL Washington's children. We honor the courage of the young people who organized to win DACA and all who are struggling to protect it.

When we act together, we are powerful. Invite your friends and family to take this action with you.

Your comments and suggestions make our work better! Share your comments with us at

Thank you for all you do for kids.


Jon and the Children’s Alliance Team

Jon Gould
Deputy Director

P.S. Do you have personal experience with Apple Health for Kids?  As part of our celebration of the 10th anniversary of the program, and our fight to protect our kids' health, we are interviewing families to learn about your experiences with Apple Health for Kids. Will you share your story with us? If you'd like to volunteer to be interviewed, contact Emijah Smith, Community Engagement Manager at