We can protect kids.
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Dear Friend,

Learn Love Lead Resist!You are reading the first of our new weekly Learn, Love, Lead! email series. This series is one way that the Children's Alliance is shining a light on federal issues and what we can do together to protect and support Washington's children.

Why Learn, Love, Lead?

Learn: To protect kids, we all need information. Knowledge is power. In a time when the existence of truth itself is being called into question by the President and members of his administration, our commitment to gain and share knowledge matters more than ever. When we learn what's at stake, we will share it with you. We ask you to do the same.

Love: Our work is motivated by our love of children, and of justice. No matter what challenges we face, or children and families in our communities face, we always have the power of our love for kids and justice to move us forward.

Lead: We can protect kids and stand on our values. Your leadership is needed now more than ever. The words and actions of the President, his administration, and some in Congress, threaten the health, safety, and well-being of our kids, families, communities, and the institutions of democracy. Together, we will not stand by as our kids are threatened.

Every week, you can count on us. We’ll provide a resource you can learn from and share. Sometimes we will also provide an action that you can take to be the leader kids are counting on.

Whether you and your family are targeted by rising hate or a particular policy, or you want to act in solidarity with children and families in your community, we are here to support your actions to protect kids’ well-being and happiness today, and help them grow into their enormous potential.

The resources you get from us will be tools you can use; quick and clear analysis of threats to kids, strategies to fight hate and take care of each other, stories that show how policies affect kids and their families, resources to fuel our work together for racial equity, and stories of action and courage to inspire and sustain you.

The actions will be concrete opportunities for you to win the change kids need; sign a petition, make a call, write an email, share critical information.

Keep your eyes on your inbox next week for your first resource and action.

Together over 35 years we have been a persistent, effective, principled movement for equity and opportunity for all Washington’s children. Let’s keep going.

Your suggestions and ideas make our work together more powerful. We'd love your feedback. Email us at

Thank you for speaking up for kids.


Paola and the Children’s Alliance Team

Paola Maranan
Executive Director

P.S. Want to get ready for action? Look up your lawmakers with our quick and simple tool. Even if you know who your lawmakers are, this tool will give you quick access to all their contact information including their social media. Find your elected officials.