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Thank you for being an advocate for Washington's kids, especially those whose futures are compromised by racism and poverty. Children's Alliance works with thousands of advocates like you across the state to ensure that our state's laws and budgets protect kids and ensure their healthy futures!

Kids’ lives are changed by the laws and budgets crafted by our elected representatives. What lawmakers do today—or fail to do—has long-term implications. ALL kids deserve to live in a state whose policies are built on a foundation of equity so that ALL kids get the education, healthcare, and support they need to thrive. 

Our advocacy for racial equity-focused laws and policies is fueled by YOU! Your support has brought about a transformational commitment to health care coverage for ALL kids and historic investment in quality early learning. 

We win victories for Washington's kids because you advocate and because you donate

Your gift today will be DOUBLED! GiveBIG runs today through Wednesday, May 8. The first $3,000 we raise from now through May 8 will be DOUBLED by longtime friends of Children's Alliance. (If your employer also matches employee gifts, your gift can be TRIPLED!)

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Your donation fuels life-changing advocacy our kids can count on. Schedule your gift today for DOUBLE (or even TRIPLE) impact! 

Paola Maranan
Executive Director
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