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Dear Friend,

Learn Love Lead Logo“I am doing this for my daughter. I am doing this for the daughters and sons of so many people.” Those were the words of Washingtonian and human rights leader Maru Mora Villalpando in 2014, when she came out as an undocumented immigrant. Today Maru is being targeted for possible deportation.

Maru has been educating, mobilizing, and organizing for immigrant rights in Washington state for two decades. Her work, along with that of other immigrant rights’ advocates, has contributed to Children’s Alliance understanding of how immigration policy  affects children and families in our communities.

The targeting of Maru by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an example of misguided federal policy and enforcement. This federal action appears to be initiated in response to her advocacy activities, and it follows a pattern of enforcement actions against immigrant leaders here in Washington state, and across the country. These actions follow an Executive Order from President Trump that dramatically expands detention and deportation.

Maru is a parent motivated by love of her child and her community, just like so many members of Children’s Alliance who speak up and get involved in advocacy to make the world better for their children. We stand strongly in opposition to any government action, including immigration enforcement, as a tool to suppress constitutionally protected organizing and advocacy.

Take action now and sign this petition calling on ICE to rescind the notice of deportation proceedings.

Kids' lives are changed by public policy in all its forms. That includes how public agencies put laws into practice. Right now the President is using the power of agency rules and executive orders to roll back progress and change policy in health, immigrant rights, civil rights, and racial equity. That's bad for kids and families in Washington State and around the country.

As we speak out today in support of one advocate, we are mindful of the many other immigrant members of our communities whose freedom, safety, and human rights are being attacked by the Trump administration by administrative actions and executive orders.

Today Dreamers (youth and young adults who came to America with their parents as children) are fighting to restore their protection from deportation that Trump took from them with an Executive Order repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program.

Recently leaked information indicates that the Trump administration is making plans to change agency rules to more severely limit access to public services for many immigrant families, including children.

We will continue to work alongside communities to protect Washington state kids, advance racial equity and protect civil and human rights.

Our kids and our communities deserve a strong and vibrant democracy, where ALL people are free to raise our voices and advocate without fear of retribution. Take action now and sign this petition calling on ICE to rescind the notice of deportation proceedings to Maru Mora Villalpando.
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Thank you for speaking up for kids.


Jon and the Children’s Alliance Team

Jon Gould
Deputy Director

P.S. This email is part of our Learn, Love, Lead series.  The series focuses on what we can do together to protect Washington's children and sustain our advocacy in the face of new federal threats. The series has been on break for several months. You can expect periodic messages going forward. See more about the series, including past messages here.