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Dear Friend,

Before we close the door on 2019 and turn our attention to the next legislative session, I’d like to thank you for being a part of Children's Alliance.

In just a few short weeks the state legislative session will begin. We will have 60 days to secure and protect opportunity for Washington kids. There is significant momentum to build more opportunities for early learning. The Legislature will be asked to move forward a bill to increase access to dental care. Furthermore, there are long-delayed key decisions about revenue to be made. In addition to this challenge, we have yet to truly understand the full impact of I-976 on kids and families. Kids will be counting on us to use a short legislative session to get a whole lot done.

When the stakes are high for kids, grown-ups need to protect them and help shape their future. Your voice and support helps build the movement for equitable and racially-just public policy for kids. For over 36 years, the support of child advocates like you across the state has fueled the power of this movement, including our efforts to center the needs of children who are most threatened by the effects of racism and poverty, and stand with our partners to fight for equity for all families. 

These enduring organizational values will continue to guide us into the future: putting kids and their families first, centering racial equity, ensuring that our policy work is informed by the community, and lifting up the voices of those directly affected by racial injustice and poverty.

In the upcoming year, you can count on Children's Alliance to fight for robust policy and investments in early learning, expansion of access to oral health care, and fair and sufficient revenue. 

We are grateful for every advocacy action you took with Children’s Alliance this year and for every time you championed kids. We are of course also grateful for your financial support, which makes our work possible

Please make an end-of-year gift today so that we can begin 2020 with the resources we need to continue to support statewide advocacy for kids—fueled by you! If you a have already given, thank you for your support!
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Paola Maranan
Executive Director
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