Balance our upside-down tax code!
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Dear Friend,

It's painful but true: we are not investing sufficiently in the well-being of our next generation.

Consistent under-funding leads to disparities in childhood that often endure throughout life. We know better. . . and we can do better.

Currently, Washington State has the most unfair tax code in the nation: wealthy households pay the least in taxes, while working families pay the most, preventing our legislature from investing in kids. For example, state lawmakers devote less than 2 percent of our budget to child care, preschool, home visiting, and other early services for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age kids.

Every legislative session, lawmakers from both political parties agree with us that the state government should do more to help families raising kids. They agree, for example, with proposals to assist families with the costs of childcare and preschool, but they claim they don't have the money. . . due to our state's broken tax system.

Now is our moment to open a new chapter in Washington state history. Join us in urging the legislature to close the loophole on capital gains via House Bill 2156. This bill raises revenue from sales of stocks, bonds, and other assets by wealthy individuals - and with that revenue we can more readily invest in kids.

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Under House Bill 2156, the state adds a 9.9 percent tax whenever a person makes $100,000 or more (or $200,000 for a married household) in profits from the sale of corporate stocks, bonds, or other financial assets. Parts of the revenue are dedicated to the Education Legacy Account, which funds early learning.

By investing in shared priorities like preschool, child care, and home visiting we will move closer to goals that have broad agreement: increasing kindergarten readiness, closing disparities, increasing access to child care, helping child care and preschool providers keep their doors open and hire diverse staff, and providing more of Washington's children with the opportunity to attend high-quality programs that prepare them for school and beyond.

Tell your legislators this: Adopting new revenue through the capital gains tax is the best way to increase investments in kids and families.
Take action!
Thank you for speaking up for kids.



Jon Gould
Deputy Director
P.S. To learn more about our state's upside down tax code, check out this video from Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig.
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