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This week in Learn, Love, Lead!, speak up to protect kids' health care.

Instead of working to make sure that our kids and their families have the care we all need to stay healthy, a small group of U.S. Senators is recklessly planning to take health care away from millions, slash funding for the health care safety net, and hand over tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.

It's time to speak up.


1. Call your U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.

Senator Murray: (202) 224-2621
Senator Cantwell: (202) 224-3441

Message: I'm calling to thank the Senator for opposing attempts to slash Medicaid funding and rollback health care progress. And, I want to ask her to please keep kids' needs front and center. In Washington State more kids have health care, and more equitable access to health care than ever before, thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act. Please keep fighting to protect and improve health care for Washington's kids and families.

2. Call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky).

Senator McConnell: (202) 224-2541
(Note: If you are unable to get through to Senator McConnell's office, or the voicemail is full, you can submit your comment to him online here.)

Message: I'm calling to ask Senator McConnell to release the GOP health care bill and schedule hearings on the proposal. In Washington State more kids have health coverage than ever before, thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act. Our state's children and families deserve a full and public debate of any proposal to cut Medicaid and rollback the progress we have made.


Check out this blog: KIDS COUNT Report: Washington Continues to See Historic Progress in Kids’ Health Care Access. It highlights not only the rise in Washington state's kids' access to coverage, but also the simultaneous rise in equitable access to coverage.

Read this editorial in yesterday's Seattle Times: Washington Families Have a lot to Lose If ACA Goes Away.

Your voice, your calls, and your actions can protect Washington State's children. Take a few minutes and make these 3 phone calls today.

Your comments and suggestions make our work better! Share your comments with us at

Thank you for all you do for kids.


Jon and the Children’s Alliance Team

Jon Gould
Deputy Director

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