Yes to Department of Children, Youth and Families
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Dear Friend,

Washington State lawmakers are on the verge of historic action for Washington's kids and families.

The proposal to establish a unified Department of Children, Youth and Families (House Bill 1661) lays a new foundation for services to Washington's children and families; one which can help all our kids grow up safe and happy, with more equitable opportunities to reach their vast potential.

Your state legislators are in Olympia this week. Now is a great time to speak up and add your support!

Urge lawmakers to pass and fund House Bill 1661 to establish a unified Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Since even before legislators stepped into the Capitol for this legislative session, Children's Alliance has been working to capture the potential of this historic opportunity. With you, and with partners around the state, Children's Alliance has advanced 4 key priorities in the bill including racial equity strategies and accountability to improving outcomes for kids.

The bill passed the House with strong bi-partisan support, and won a strong bi-partisan vote in the Senate Committee on Human Services, Mental Health, and Housing. This is excellent progress. Now we have to keep this good idea moving forward. The bill still needs a full vote of support in the Senate, and agreement on funding in the budget. Together we can make sure that happens.

Urge your state lawmakers to pass and fund House Bill 1661.

Thank you for speaking up for kids.



Jon Gould
Deputy Director

P.S. Want to know more about the proposal for a unified Department of Children,  Youth and Families? Read our latest blog and learn how advocacy has shaped this legislation, ensuring a strong focus on early learning and embedding racial equity into the mission, accountability, and functioning of the Department. 
Then speak up for kids and take action!