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Day 3: Waning Into Your Truth

Finding Your Slow Dance

Most of us are addicted to activity. Busyness. Getting shit done.

I'm not against all those things. I love the high that comes with checking something off my Want To Do List. 

But we have this belief in our culture that we are what we produce. Our value gets stepped in what we can get done. 

When my slow days start to pull me in and the invitation to wane arrives at my metaphorical doorstep, I still sometimes hesitate to say yes. 

Just one look at everything I have to do, my commitment to slowing down wavers. 

Because slowing down in our culture?

He's so slow means He's so stupid. We prefer witty.

Driving behind that elderly man taking their time on the road when you've got important places to be. They should revoke his license.

Oh, and taking your toddler out on a walk to get the mail becomes a half-hour chore. 

Slow-cooking takes too much time. Let's just eat something out of a  box.

Slow isn't so popular. 

No wonder we don't know what to do when we are invited to descend.


Also, when our energy levels feel low, our immediate reaction is to find a way to perk up.

Now I am a believer in eating greens and movement and sunshine and essential oils and anything else that gives me JUICE and gets me going.

But we are not created like the energy-bunny. Thank God we don't have batteries that force us to keep going and going and going when the best thing to do is to WANE.

There is a purpose for WANING. 

Just like dreams come to us in our sleep and winter gives us imagery and sensations to go inward, the call to wane is the same.

We wane so that we can descend into our truth.

In my Nia practice, slowing down the movements help us get into the places in our body that call for greater attention. So we can move to heal it. 

Slowing down helps you see what's true.

Once we get that this is the purpose of waning, that we get to peel a layer and sink deeper into who we truly are, waning becomes a friend. 

So when the invitation to wane comes to you and slow down, accept it. Embrace it. It's a call to descend.

It may be during your bleeding times of the month calling you to make space for yourself and outsource your duties at home. It may be during the waning energies of the moon that may be pulling you to quit doing so much work. It may be that slump in the afternoon that is calling for a nice short nap.

It may simply be the post-dinner couch time that you resist so much or feel guilty about. Or winding down and going to bed when your body is really ready to go to sleep.

The ability to dance through any dark moments in our lives has A LOT to do with our ability to practice the art of waning and learning to savor the Slow Dance that is calling to us. 

How are you waning today?

Visit Day 3 Overview on the blog to access your toolbox for waning. 

In Darkness and in Light,


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