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Commanding Attention at Work (and at Home) by Managing Your Social Presence

Jeanine W. Turner 

Gold Medal - Networking, Social Media, and Communication - Axiom Business Book Awards, 2022 

JP Morgan Summer Reading List 2022

As our ability to pay attention in a world of distractions vanishes, it's no wonder that our ability to be heard and understood—to convey our messages—is also threatened. Whether working with our teams and customers or communicating with our families and friends, it is increasingly difficult to break through the digital devices that get in the way of communication. Drawing from fifteen years of research, interviews, and experience from teaching students and executives, Turner offers a framework to navigate social presence at work and at home. 
"Jeanine Turner delivers a nuanced and urgently needed look at achieving meaningful social presence in an increasingly distracted digital world."Cal NewportNew York Times best-selling author of A World Without Email and Digital Minimalism
Why It Matters for Wall Street and Main Street

Chris Roush

Business owners, consumers, and employees have long relied on the news to make financial decisions—what to buy, who to hire, and what products to sell. In the twenty-first century, only the big businesses and executives can afford expensive subscriptions, while most consumers and small business owners are left scrambling to find the news they need to succeed and thrive. Roush's proposal for a way forward shows how businesses, journalists, and media can work together to support the economic and financial literacy needed for an informed citizenry. 
Ground Rules for Leaders

Gary Bisbee Jr., Donald Trigg, and Sanjula Jain

Over the past decade, the health economy has experienced the most dramatic change since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. Experienced and aspiring health sector leaders must navigate an increasingly complex health care landscape in order to conceive, create, and implement solutions to improve our health care system now and in the future. The New Health Economy brings together the best thinking from across the health care sector, providing insight into COVID-19's impact on the health economy and setting the ground rules required to shape a new health care system as we emerge from the pandemic. 
A Case Study Approach to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Ola M. Tucker

Money laundering is a serious crime that presents a heightened, yet underrated, global threat. In The Flow of Illicit Funds, Ola M. Tucker goes beyond the implementation of anti-money laundering compliance programs offered by most guides and provides professionals with a holistic understanding of the modern money laundering system. Using recent case studies, Tucker explains some of the most common money laundering techniques used by criminals today, describes the key role of the financial system in the disguise and transfer of illicit funds, and offers valuable insight into how financial institutions can protect themselves from being used as conduits for the movement of dirty money. 


Creating a Strategic Public-Private Partnership

Larry Clinton, Editor

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the United States are extensive, affecting everything from national security and democratic elections to critical infrastructure and economy. A collaborative effort of the Board of Directors of the Internet Security Alliance, Fixing American Cybersecurity is divided into two parts. Part One analyzes why the US approach to cybersecurity has been inadequate and ineffective for decades and shows how it must be transformed to counter the heightened systemic risks that the nation faces today. Part Two explains in detail the cybersecurity strategies that should be pursued by each major sector of the American economy: health, defense, financial services, utilities and energy, retail, telecommunications, information technology. This book is essential reading to prepare for the future of American cybersecurity.
A 21st-Century Covenant with America

Jack Buffington

When the COVID-19 pandemic led to a global economic "shutdown" in March 2020, our supply chains began to fail, and out-of-stocks and delivery delays became the new norm. Contrary to public perception, the pandemic strain did not break the current system of supply chains; it merely exposed weaknesses and fault lines that were decades in the making, and which were already acutely felt in deindustrialized cities and depopulated rural towns throughout the United States. Jack Buffington proposes a transformation of the global supply chain system into a community-based value chain, led by the communities themselves and driven by digital platforms for raising capital and blockchain technology.
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