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Reeds in Japan

How Time Flies!


We can hardly believe that it is April already. We have been back stateside for nearly 6 months already! The time has definitely flown at times, and at other times it has just been stagnant. It has been a hard winter this year. In Lynchburg particularly, it was a chaotic time; people trying to get snow shovels and every store being sold out, grocery store fiascos trying to bulk up on food for the storms, and so on. But, we survived without any accidents, praise God.

In our last update letter (which many did not receive - click here to read it), we mentioned that Matt had started his design and illustration company called Painted Digital. Since then, Matt has begun working full time on it. He is no longer at Meriwether Godsey. It is a great new step for him and he has had a great start so far gaining clients. Completely on his own, he is working on building his company. You can see some of his work on his new website, Christina continues to work full time at Liberty University, also enjoying it. We are able to see friends and family once in a while and it has been an overall good adjustment back to America.

Some Future Plans!

As much as we love being closer to family and friends and catching up with everyone, Japan is still on our minds and the people of Takamatsu are still on our hearts. We constantly think about them and exchange emails, talk now and then on skype, and even write letters and mail them. We truly miss them so much and we want to go back to visit this summer. We are in the first steps of planning another trip there for either July or August. We are planning on staying a month to go around and see friends and just catch up on those relationships in person. We are craving some foods too! Most of all, we want to let them know that they mean so much to us and that they weren’t just a memory of our year in Japan. It means a lot to them that we would come back to visit.


We appreciate all who have continued to support us even now, and we are trying to put together the funds for this next trip. If you feel led to continue the work in Takamatsu by giving a financial gift towards this trip, you can……(not sure how they can give). We appreciate it so much. Relationship building in Japan takes a lot of time, and we have found that a lot of trust must be built first, especially when speaking about spiritual things. It may take years and years before we see someone come to Christ, but we are willing to wait and will continue to build these relationships. We thank you all for the continued prayer while we are here and while we prepare for this trip. You all mean so much.

Matt & Christina Reed

Making Udon
Making Udon 1
Making Udon pic 2

Making Delicious Udon!

We have been a little homesick for the Takamatsu delicacy known as Udon. It is homemade thick noodles in a soupy broth. But you can eat it many ways such as dipping it in sauce or even cold. We took a whole half a day to make these yummy noodles! It was so worth the sore arms the next day!

Photography Buddies
Photography buds
This is a picture of one of our friends that we still often talk to. He formed a strong bond with Matt through their love of photography. This picture represents the great impact you can have with the smallest interests in the kingdom of God.

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