VOL. II, No. 21: Enhance Membership Experience with Master Craftsman Program • The Tyler's Place Enters Its Second Season!
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Receive Further Light & Enhance the Membership Experience* with the Master Craftsman Program

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There are BIG THINGS going on with the Master Craftsman Masonic education programs.

First, we have a new program up for sale on our Scottish Rite online store ( that uses the text Albert Pike's Morals & Dogma – Annotated Edition by Ill. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, GC, to explore the deep meaning and philosophy of the Scottish Rite’s ritual. Secondly, we have rearranged our educational offerings to improve and simplify the overall experience.  We have upgraded and replaced the old program Master Craftsman II with the previously discussed new program—Master Craftsman: Scottish Rite Philosophy, and we have eliminated the numbers we used to denote our programs, as well.  So, our complete list of current educational programs looks like this:
  1. Master Craftsman: The Symbolic Lodge (sometimes called Master Craftsman 3)—Covers 1º–3º. Course text: Albert Pike's Esoterika: The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry.
  2. Master Craftsman: Scottish Rite History and Ritual (original Master Craftsman course)—Covers 4º–32º. Course texts: Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide and A Bridge to Light.
  3. Master Craftsman: Scottish Rite PhilosophyNEW! Covers 1º–32º. Course texts: Morals and Dogma and A Bridge to Light.
You may purchase any of these Master Craftsman courses at the Scottish Rite online store

You are free to take any of these courses at any time, without prerequisite. Of course, completing any of the courses comes with a small reward at the end—a pin and a certificate suitable for framing.

For more information about the Master Craftsman program, please visit the Master Craftsman page at Have questions about the program or want to start a formal or informal study group in your area, contact us at

*Enrolling in a Master Craftsman course fulfills a task set forth in VMAP Subject Area 6, "Scottish Rite Education—Members."
Those currently enrolled in the old Master Craftsman II course may still complete it, if they wish—their quizzes will be graded.

That's a Wrap for Season 1 of The Tyler's Place!
Now on to Season 2!

Podcast microphoneWe hope you will check out the first episode of Season 2 (available on iTunes, Stitcher, and now Spreaker), where your host, Bro. Maynard Edwards, 32°, speaks with a Scottish Rite member and mentor who works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This installment also features a special message from Sovereign Grand Commander Ronald A. Seale, 33°, and more information about the new Master Craftsman course mentioned in the above article.

Don’t forget that each episode of The Tyler’s Place also features a “VMAP Minute” segment—new and improved for Season 2—which covers one of the 10 VMAP areas, along with other practical applications that support VMAP initiatives. "VMAP Minute, No. 10" from Season 2, Ep. 01, is available now. You can listen to this and previous VMAP clips at

As always, If you have a question or idea regarding the "VMAP Minute," please email it to

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Happy listening!
Remember, the goal of VMAP is to provide Valleys with a list of implementable activities to increase the engagement and involvement of their members.

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