VOL. 5 • NUMBER 1 • Spring 2016
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Photograph of Supreme Council Library stacks
Supreme Council, 33°
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Ronald A. Seale, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander

Joan Kleinknecht

Brent Morris, 33°, G.C.

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Creative Director
Our Friends are a vital asset to the library. By encouraging interest in its collections and services, the members act as goodwill ambassadors for this unique institution. Amicus Librarium, a quarterly publication, is intended to provide you with essays, book reviews, and a wide range of information about the Library’s history, news, and events. Amicus Librarium welcomes your contributions.  Please send not only your suggestions on items you would like included, but also your essays, book reviews, and photographs you would like to share with us and other Friends.  I look forward to hearing from you. To become a Friend and receive Amicus Librarium, please click the "subscribe" link in the message or drop me an email, and I will add you to the distribution list.
~ Joan Kleinknecht

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“Marching bands and summer picnics, fireworks and flags, on the Fourth of July we celebrate freedom, America’s greatest accomplishment and treasure.”

—C. Fred Kleinknecht, Jr.
The New Age, July 1987


Ten-Year Backlog Project Underway 

Thank you, Ill. Akram R. Elias, 33°, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia!

Illustrious Akram Elias, 33°, came into the Library several months ago and said “Joan, what do you need for the library?” I showed him our unbound backlog of Masonic Periodicals, Proceedings and miscellanea from the United States and other countries (see below). He asked me to find a bindery that could take on this project.  I contacted several binderies and we chose Wert Bindery in Grantville, PA.  One of the nice features about Wert Bindery is that they are close enough where they will pick up the volumes that need to be bound and return them once they are finished.  

Unsightly unbound periodicals and magazines.

Photo: Unsightly unbound periodicals and magazines.

Newly bound periodicals as a result of PGM Akram’s initiative.

Photo: Newly bound periodicals as a result of PGM Akram’s initiative.

This is the first shipment we have received back from the bindery and there is currently the same amount at the bindery now. 

With your help we can continue this endeavor!

Sad-looking book with "Help" sign“Please Help
Dress Me Up”

The Library of the Supreme Council, 33°, has extensive binding needs for its archival collections. To preserve these items for the future, they must be bound. For example, the periodicals are usually one year's worth of works in order by month or volume and then bound together. Once they return from the bindery, we will catalog them and place them back on the shelves in their specific state or country. The American periodicals are arranged in the library in alphabetical order by state and in another section of the stacks, and the foreign periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order by country.

As a sponsor, you can have a choice of which periodical, proceeding, or miscellanea you would like “to get dressed up.” Or I would be happy to select one or several for you. Perhaps you would like to insure your Orient’s publications are safely preserved. For $100 you can help get these periodicals back on the library's shelves.

As we get the items back from the bindery and cataloged, your name as a sponsor will be put into our catalog system database along with the item or items you have sponsored. If you are interested in helping the the library achieve this task, please call Joan Kleinknecht at 202–777–3139 or email jkleinknecht@scottishrite.org.

Larissa Watkins’s new book has arrived!

Cover of "The Constellation of the Brotherhood"

Congratulations to bibliographer Larissa Watkins (our very own Assistant Librarian!) for completing yet another stellar reference resource, The Constellation of the Brotherhood. This time, Ms. Watkins has collected the annual "Proceedings and Transactions" of hundreds of state-level Masonic bodies into one primary source. The book provides a quick-reference guide to the establishment of Grand Lodges, Grand Chapters, Grand Councils and Grand Commanderies and Scottish Rite in the United States. This great Masonic reference tool is available through Amazon.com.

Question & Answer with the Librarian

Question: I was wondering about the online catalog.  I have done a lot of searches and was wondering if I could save my searches.

No, you cannot save your searches but you can print them. We also have advanced searches where you can use Boolean logic where you can add words or take away words from your search.

Book Donations

I have received many fabulous book donations this quarter. They all will be listed in the Summer Amicus.  Please visit the Library’s online catalog to view all the new and old books in our collection.
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