VOL. II, No. 17: VMAP at Work in St. Paul, Minnesota
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VMAP Takes the Stage
at the 2015 Biennial Session

How VMAP Is Working in the Valley of St. Paul, Minnesota

Screenshot of VMAP video from the Valley of St. Paul, MN

During the Biennial Session of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA, on Monday, August 24, the Membership Services Department was pleased to unveil a video produced by the Valley of St. Paul about how the VMAP initiative is working for them. We would love to hear about YOUR Valley's VMAP progress, too! Send your news, photographs, videos, or questions to

Don’t Forget to Send Your VMAP Snapshots!

Promote and share your Valley activities while fulfilling a task from VMAP Area #8 (Philanthropy and Public Image)—snap the perfect photo and send it to us for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of the VMAP Working Tools newsletter. This is not meant to be a contest, but a fun and creative way to connect with fellow VMAP Valleys.
* For more about our "VMAP Snapshot" challenge, including important rules, please read the article in Vol II, No. 13, of the VMAP Working Tools newsletter.
Remember, the goal of VMAP is to provide Valleys with a list of implementable activities to increase the engagement and involvement of their members.

For more information, visit the VMAP page at

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