VOL. II, No. 15: VMAP Area 4 & 14th Degree Ring Ceremony in Charlotte, NC | VMAP Snapshot: Birmingham, AL
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VMAP Reunion Experience with the Valley of Charlotte, NC

 Valley of Charlotte Spring 2015 Reunion photos

Photos: Left Photo: (l. to r.) Bro. Glenn E. Tompkins, 32°, Knights of St. Andrew (KSA); Ms. Alexandra Chadduck; Bro. Noah T. Goode, 32°; and Bro. Jason R. Dickson, 32°, KSA. Right photo: Grand Master Douglas Caudle and Deputy Grand Master Bryant Webster of North Carolina with the Valley of Charlotte, NC, Spring Reunion class. (Photography: Michael Harding, Genesis Group USA)

As part of its 2015 Spring Reunion, the Valley of Charlotte, NC, honored the Reunion class members and their wives and ladies by performing the 14th Degree Ring Ceremony.

VMAP Area #4—Reunion Experience asks Valleys to hold “a social event … before or during each Reunion to encourage Brethren to come together in fellowship,” and the public and celebratory 14th Degree Ring Ceremony certainly falls into this category. 

As stated on p. 372 of the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide (3rd edition, 2010):

“The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, with its honors and obligations, touches all aspects of a new Candidate’s life. It is important, therefore, that his family gain some sense of the Candidate’s new status upon his attaining the Fourteenth Degree. The Ring Ceremony with its color, warmth, and dignity is meant to impress the wives and ladies of the Candidates and to make them feel a part of the Scottish Rite.”

If your Valley does not currently perform the ceremony, consider adding it to your upcoming Fall Reunion. For more information, including a typical program and floor layout, please refer to pp. 372–374 of Arturo de Hoyos, Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide, 3rd. Ed., Revised & Enlarged, (Washington, DC: Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA, 2010). 

VMAP Snapshot*: Valley of Birmingham, AL

Brethren of the Valley of Birmingham gathered together to take part in the Seventh-annual Table Lodge
“Charging & Firing the Cannons”

Brethren of the Valley of Birmingham gathered together to take part in the Seventh-Annual Table Lodge hosted by the Birmingham Valley Knights of St. Andrew on Saturday July 11. In total, 39 brethren gathered together to take part in the festivities that are held in honor of our Most Worshipful Grand Master John Strickling. The cannons were charged and handsomely fired by good brethren of the craft!

* For more about our "VMAP Snapshot" challenge, read the article in Vol II, No. 13, of the VMAP Working Tools newsletter.
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