What's Your Plan for 2017?
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VMAP—What's Your Plan for 2017?
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Scottish Rite Valley of Lubbock, Texas

Visibility in our communities is a challenge faced by all Masonic organizations regardless of location or size. Out on the plains of West Texas the Valley of Lubbock approached this challenge in two very different ways during 2016, each of which involved partnering with other members of the Masonic Family.

The Valleys of Lubbock and El Paso joined together to host the West Texas Scottish Rite Community Service Awards to recognize local community leaders in a number of fields. The award banquet was a wonderful opportunity to show off Scottish Rite Masonry in action to a wide spectrum of community leaders and members.

Their second public engagement event targeted an entirely different segment of the population—kids! The Valley partnered with the Grand Lodge of Texas and local Blue Lodges to host a Halloween “Trunk or Treat” at the Scottish Rite building. The event featured games, food, and trick or treating in the building's parking lot—from the trunks of cars! They combined this event with an Open House to show off the building and Freemasonry to the parents of the children who attended the Trunk or Treat.
Informational postcard about the Masonic Open House and the Trunk or Treat event at the Valley of Lubbock, TX

There are as many different ways to engage in our local communities as their are communities, and these are just two examples of ways in which the Valley of Lubbock is engaging in the vital social life of their community and improving the bonds of Fellowship with other members of the Masonic Family.

We’d love to hear from all of you about how your Valley engages in your local community with answers to the following questions:
  1. Does your Valley have a special event that engages your local community?
  2. How long have you been doing it?
Does your Valley have a plan for a community engagement as part of they VMAP plan for 2017? Let us know at
(Images courtesy the Valley of Lubbock, TX)
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