VOL. II, No. 13: Richmond Teacher of the Year Awards; VMAP Snaphot, & more!
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2015 Valley of Richmond Teacher of the Year Award recipients

VMAP in Action: Richmond Valley Presents Teacher of the Year Awards

VMAP Area #8 (Philanthropy and Public Image) tasks Valleys with holding “a community recognition program for teachers, first responders, veterans, etc. (who are not necessarily members).”

One such program in the Valley of Richmond is the “Teacher of the Year Award.” On Monday, June 22, Scottish Rite Masons in the Valley of Richmond presented four of these recognitions to (l. to r. in photo) Catherine M. Marchetti (Richmond City), Erin D. Sturgis (Hanover Co.), and Kecia S. Howell (Henrico Co.). Not pictured is Christopher A. Averill (Chesterfield Co.), who was unable to attend because he was grading Advanced Placement Tests. How fitting! :-)

Congratulations to these amazing teachers, and thank you to the Valley of Richmond for your efforts!

Orient of Louisiana VMAP Participation Awards 

During the recent Orient of Louisiana Homecoming, representatives from each of the five Valleys in that state were presented with their Certificates of Participation in VMAP—demonstrating 100% participation in the Orient and a strong commitment from each Valley to maximize the benefits of membership to each and every Scottish Rite Mason.

(L. to r.) Jim Hill 32°, Venerable Master of the Shreveport Lodge of Perfection; Cash Mellville, 32°, Junior Warden of Monroe Chapter Rose Croix; Gerald Houston, 32°, KCCH, Venerable Master of the Lake Charles Lodge of Perfection, Warren Hintz, 33°, Venerable Master New Orleans Albert Pike Lodge of Perfection; Jeff Maynor, 32°, Venerable Master Baton Rouge Lodge of Perfection.
VMAP Snapshot Graphic

Introducing the “VMAP Snapshot”

Promote and share your Valley activities while fulfilling a task from VMAP Area #8 (Philanthropy and Public Image)—snap the perfect photo and send it to us for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of the VMAP Working Tools newsletter. This is not meant to be a contest, but a fun and creative way to connect with fellow VMAP Valleys. 

Who? Any dues-current Scottish Rite member may submit photographs.

What? Photographs should be about Scottish Rite VMAP-related activities. Humorous or serious, it doesn't matter—it’s all about representing what makes your Valley special and how it is tackling its VMAP commitment.

IMPORTANT—Per Article XII, Section 5 of the Statutes of the Supreme Council, SJ, any photograph depicting Scottish Rite Ritual must have written approval of your SGIG or Deputy before it can be used.* Please forward this SGIG/Deputy approval with your submission.

When? Anytime!

  1. Email submissions to using the subject line "VMAP Snapshot."
  2. Give your name, degree, Valley, and Twitter/Instagram username, if applicable. If submitting for someone else, please include their information along with yours.
  3. Include a short article (200–250 words) or detailed caption explaining what is going on in the photo.

Why? Why not? By doing so, you fulfill the VMAP item asking Valleys to submit “at least one news item for inclusion in Supreme Council publications annually.”

We look forward to seeing your shots!

THE LEGAL STUFF (please read before submitting):
Rules: Members are permitted to submit as many photos as they want. All images must be original. Please send the photo in JPEG format and include the location of the photo, the identity of any people and places in the photos and any supplemental information about the photo. The photographer is responsible for obtaining any required legal releases or consents from the subjects being photographed.

Except as set forth herein, all entries and accompanying material become the property of the Supreme Council and will not be returned. Although the member retains copyright to his entries, the submission of any photo is a grant of a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual and worldwide license to the Supreme Council to use, reproduce and display the images without compensation to the photographer, people or places in the photo.

* The official statute reads: 
[5] Unless authorized by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General or Deputy of the Supreme Council in the Orient, it is not permissible to print, publish, or distribute any pictures or illustrations of any part of the Rituals, Rubrics, costumes, scenery, properties, forms, or ceremonies used in the conferring of the Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, or to print in a program or other publication issued by the Bodies any extract from, explanation, or synopsis of any of the Degrees, or to present any part of the Degrees anywhere at any time except in a tiled meeting or for the purpose of communication or rehearsal, and then only before those who are entitled to be present.
We would love to hear about YOUR Valley's VMAP progress. Send your news, photographs, and questions to
Remember, the goal of VMAP is to provide Valleys with a list of implementable activities to increase the engagement and involvement of their members.

For more information, visit the VMAP page at

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