VOL. II, No. 4: Line Officer Orientation
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Valley of Omaha
Line Officers Orientation 

Addressing VMAP Subject Area 7

By Micah I. Evans, 33°
Development Director, Scottish Rite Foundation of Nebraska

The Valley of Omaha Line Officers Guild meets every 2nd Monday to keep the 35 Lodge officers apprised of what is happening in the building, upcoming events, and allows the officers to discuss goals, objectives, plan events like the Feast of Tishri or the Spring and Fall Outings. For many years, members simply received a binder of material at the beginning of the year with information about line officers’ duties, the four bodies responsibilities, the organizational chart of the Scottish Rite, and contact information. This year, Bro. Armel MacDonald, 32° KCCH, Eminent Commander of the Council of Kadosh, presented this information in a PowerPoint presentation to members, giving line officers time to ask questions, absorb the information, and discuss information with fellow line officers. In addition, the line officers will receive a smaller package of information, including contact information and line responsibilities. 
This Line Officer Orientation program fulfills Item 7 on the VMAP program, but more important, this gives Scottish Rite line officers the tools they need to be effective executives of the Scottish Rite. Too often, brethren are under the impression that they can coast for six years in line and then step up as Senior Warden or Master of each line, while leaning heavily on the General Secretary to plan events. A Line Officers orientation program each year changes the culture of the Line Officers Guild. Now, line officers are empowered to take initiative for their events and their responsibilities, involve the junior officers to share in the planning and execution, and create a successful year of events. In fact, line officers are better prepared for their year as Master, more engaged with the mission of the Scottish Rite, and in turn, they will recruit talented and engaged brethren as future line officers! Hopefully events grow and improve as successive Masters feel challenged to create a better event next year than the year before! 
For more information about the Valley of Omaha Line Officers orientation program, call Curt Edic, 33°, General Secretary for the Valley of Omaha at 402–342–1300 or e-mail

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