VOL. II, No. 1: Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
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Officer Duties & Responsibilities

VMAP at the Valley Level—Alexandria, Va.

The Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP) is an incentive-based program broken down into 10 areas, each designed to help a Valley carry out its service to the Scottish Rite by providing the very best experience for its members.  

The Valley of Alexandria, Va., recently tackled one task set forth in VMAP Area 7—Officer Responsibilities & Engagement—that asks Valleys to maintain "a list of duties and job descriptions for each elected officer." With its document, titled "Guidance for 2015 Officers by Month," the Valley of Alexandria, Va., achieves that and more.

The Valley summarizes it as follows:

"This document, has the dates of activities and events of the Alexandria Scottish Rite for the 2015 Scottish Rite Year and the associated month by month responsibilities for the heads of the four Bodies. It also includes the responsibilities for each of your officers…. At the end is a reference chart summarizing all of the events."

With the permission of the Valley of Alexandria, we are pleased to offer you a PDF of this document in the hopes it may assist your Valley in creating or fine-tuning its own list of officer duties and responsibilities.

Perhaps your Valley already has something like this in existence or maybe you currently are drafting one? We would like to know. Please send an email to or share your knowledge on the Freemason Network* (FMN). Please see below for more information on how to be part of the FMN.

Participation Is Growing!

To date, 99 Valleys have demonstrated their commitment to improve the fraternal experience of its members through enhanced recruitment, new member engagement, degree proficiency, education, philanthropy, and administration.

To see the up-to-date list of participating Valleys click here.

"VMAP Minute" on The Tyler’s Place Podcast

The "VMAP Minute" is a regular feature segment of The Tyler’s Place podcast. Each VMAP minute will cover one of the 10 VMAP areas, along with other practical applications that support VMAP initiatives.

You can download and listen to The Tyler's Place at

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Remember, the goal of VMAP is to provide Valleys with a list of implementable activities to increase the engagement and involvement of their members.
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