VOL. 3 • NUMBER 1 • SPRING 2014
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Supreme Council, 33°
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Ronald A. Seale, 33°
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Joan Kleinknecht

Brent Morris, 33°, G.C.

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Our Friends are a vital asset to the library. By encouraging interest in its collections and services, the members act as goodwill ambassadors for this unique institution. Amicus Librarium, a quarterly publication, is intended to provide you with essays, book reviews, and a wide range of information about the Library’s history, news, and events. Amicus Librarium welcomes your contributions.  Please send not only your suggestions on items you would like included, but also your essays, book reviews, and photographs you would like to share with us and other Friends.  I look forward to hearing from you. To become a Friend and receive Amicus Librarium, please click the "subscribe" link in the message or drop me an email, and I will add you to the distribution list.
~ Joan Kleinknecht
“You can accomplish much, if you don’t care who gets the credit.”— Ronald Reagan
(Favorite quote of C. Fred Kleinknecht, Jr.)

Questions for the Librarian

Have a Masonic question?
Ask the Librarian!

We welcome your questinos about anything that you have ever wondered about Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, symbolism, or our library. If your question is chosen, it will be answered in a future issue of the Amicus Librarium. Questions not chosen for the newsletter will be answered via email. Please contact the House of the Temple Librarian with your questions at: call (202) 777-3139 or email at: jkleinknecht@scottishrite.org.


Spring is Here!

From Reading Room to Classroom

Our Library’s magnificent reading room recently played “classroom” for a graduate seminar course on “American Art and Visual Culture of Freemasonry.”

Art and American Studies professor David V. Bjelajac teaches the eight-person class, which consists of Art History and American Studies/Museum Studies graduate students from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Prof. Bjelajac and his class received an introduction to the Library, followed by a guided tour of the House of the Temple.

They spent the remainder of their visit in the main room discussing the day’s reading assignments.

“What a great space for class discussion—very inspiring!” Prof. Bjelajac said. “I wish we could spend every class in your beautiful reading room.”


Special Book Sale—Don’t Miss out!

Albert Pike Centenary Souvenir of His Birth 1809-1909We recently found 50, illustrated, first-edition copies of Albert Pike Centenary Souvenir of His Birth, 1809–1909 (Supreme Council, 1909). Gilt and blind-stamped with decorated, stiff-paper covers, these books are in pristine condition—despite being over a century old!

Albert Pike Centenary Souvenir will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis for $100 (includes shipping/handling). All proceeds will go to the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc., for preservation of the Library of the Supreme Council, 33°.
To order a copy, please contact Joan Kleinknecht, librarian, at 202–777–3139 or jkleinknecht@scottishrite.org.


Masonic Research

The House of the Temple Library welcomes scholars, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. Our library is a tremendous repository of Masonic books, periodicals, and records from all over the world, as well as many rare, precious books important both Masonically and historically. The library is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (closed Fridays and all Federal holidays).

Carlos Francisco Martinez Moreno
“I was in Washington to research in the House of the Temple: Archive and Library of the Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction between 14th to 27th September 2013. With the support yours and Larissa Watkins I looked for about some topics: Mexican Freemasonry and their links with Cuban Freemasonry, Spanish Freemasonry in exile in Mexico. Also, with support of Arturo de Hoyos I looked at manuscripts from Mexico.

Nicholas Mangialardi
“It was a wonderful surprise to find such a beautiful collection of books down the street from my home after moving to Washington, DC this year! I’ve greatly enjoyed looking through some of the library’s texts and Ms. Watkins has been kind enough to indicate a few books of personal interest to me.

As I conduct much academic work on Egypt and music I was pleasantly shocked to find a few attractive books on these topics in your collection. Thank you again for your hospitality in this beautiful library!”


Adopt-a-Book Program Going for Gold

To date, 96 friends have adopted books from the Library of the Supreme Council, 33°, helping us preserve and restore our collections. Let’s try for 100!

For more information about the Adopt-a-Book program, click here  scottishrite.org/development/giving/adopt-a-book-program.
As always, we gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have adopted a book this quarter:

Donor Adopted Book
Mr. Nicholas Auck Sherer, John, The Masonic Ladder or the Nine Steps to Ancient Freemasonry (1876)
Bro. Anthony Bonificio, 32° Steinbrenner, G.W., The Origin and Early History of Masonry (1868)
Bro. Stephen D. Carroll, 32° Oliver, Rev. Geo., D.D. The Revelations of A Square … (1855)
Ill. Raymond D. Godeke, 33° Sadler, Henry, Masonic Reprints and Historical Revelations (1898)
Bro. Nicholas E. Gregory, 33°, KCCH Ward, J.S.M., Freemasonry: Its Aims and Ideals (1923)
Bro. Michael J. Kastle, 32°, KCCH Steinbrenner, G. W., The Origin and Early History of Masonry (1868)
Bro. Simon A. McIlory, 32°, KCCH Cross, Jeremy L. , The True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1819)
Bro. David F. Mc Manus, 32° Folger, Robert B., The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, In Thirty-Three Degrees (1881)
Bro. James Eskieu Perkins, Jr., 32° Scott, Charles, The Keystone of the Masonic Arch (1856)
Bro. James A. Reed, 32° Folger, Robert B., The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, In Thirty-Three Degrees (1862)
Bro. Leonard Smith, 32°, KCCH Gould, R. F., Military Lodges, 1732–1899 by R.F. (1899)

Going … Going ... GONE.

Due to an overwhelming response to our previous notice in Amicus, we are pleased to announce we are completely out of Dynamic Freedoms: Our Freedom Documents. Our sincere thanks to everyone who ordered it!


New Book Donations

Book donations are always welcome, they help us maintain a more complete collection of books significant to Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. Some of the books we have received include new titles signed by the authors and foreign Masonic books that enhance our International Masonic Collection. We welcome all Masonic titles – old and new! Our goal is to be the best Masonic library in the world.

We would like to extend a special 'Thank You' to our friends who have generously donated books to the Supreme Council Library:

Title Donated by
Harper, Sr., Charles M., Freemasonry in Black and White (2013, signed copy) Charles M. Harper, Sr.
Pesson, William, et. al., Architectures Maconniques (2006, signed copy) William Pesson.
Kearsley, Michael, The Prestonian Lecture for 2014. (2014, signed copy) Michael Kearsley
Ismail, Kennyo, Desmistificando a Maconaria (2013).  Rubens Coldeira Monteiro
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