The Speed Week that Wasn’t
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The Speed Week that Wasn’t

Unfortunately Bonneville Speed Week was a bust this year for racers. The heavy rains last week washed away any chance of racing because there was no way the salt could dry quick enough. We were there to take in Speed Week and photograph Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop and the ’53 Studebaker they built for Paul and Betty Gilliam, the Johnson’s partners on the Stupidbaker Racing Team.
While we didn’t get to see them go for the 265+ mph Unblown Gas Competition Coupe record they’re gunning for, we did manage to get the car on the salt at dusk to shoot it for an upcoming feature. Here's a peek at what we got, along with some of the other hot rods that made it to Bonneville for the Speed Week that wasn’t.
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Bonneville was anything but a dry lake last week, causing the S.C.T.A. to cancel 2014 Speed Week. This 1935 Miller Ford Indy-inspired roadster was sitting at the edge of the salt.
Paul and Betty Gilliam along with the crew at Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop are striving to beat the standing CGCC record of 265.218 mph with their ’53 Studebaker. It is powered by an unblown 900 horsepower, 369-inch smallblock Chevy.
This nicely finished roadster had a host of interesting details, from the nerf bars and track nose to the turbocharged four-banger tucked under the hood. It had a Missouri license plate and a San Diego Roadsters decal in the windshield.
Danny Thompson made the trek to Bonneville with his sites set on going 460 mph in an updated version of the car that his father originally built and raced in the 1960s.
Bobby Green, who’s become a fixture at Bonneville in recent years, was on hand with his Old Crow Speed Shop chopped Deuce five-window.
Even with the large amount of rainfall, hot rods were still scattered about Wendover and the end of the road leading to the salt.
This neat little channeled Deuce roadster is shown in font of far more water than anyone had hoped for Speed Week.
S.C.T.A. had their normal entourage of support vehicles and trailers there. Some where stuck out in the pits with water lapping at the bottom of the doors, while some only made it to the end of the road.
Here are the unfortunate consequences of arriving early for a good spot on the salt. Perhaps the expandable hose sticking out of the tent on the left was connected to a makeshift sump pump.
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