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It's been a while!

Big cheery hello to all the new fans, followers and importantly customers of Beermerchants. It's been a crazy couple of years, considering that we really only started kicking into gear early in January 2007! After such a hectic last few months, travelling, awards and new ideas and opportunities, I had to sit down and get one of our newsletters out!

Down below there are listings to new beer arrivals, monster savings on mixed cases of beers and notes about those little gems that I try to keep coming into the store.

I'm sat here in a nice chance to be at desk, crunching this out, excited about what the year has install for us, and you!

I've been a bit lax in sending out our regular newsletter, no excuses it's all down to me! sorry! So, after a really hectic christmas and what with the big sister getting really busy, (we're actually looking for sales people! or sign up for their newsletter, here ) everything is really fun at the moment! I've been starting to get out shopping to bring some really exciting new beers for the site, lots of lovely Lambic and Gueuze, american beers, classic and innovative belgians and the best that I can rustle up in the UK! There will be of course as much as I can lift, get my hands on or even run out the brewery door with, but some items are leaving faster than we ever imagined. We love hearing the comments, love and recomendations every day, from the diverse methods of communication that we love, just makes us want to strive for more and more for you all, so keep up to date, ask me questions, your tweets go straight to my phone!

Early this year we were awarded a spot in the top 100 beer retailers in the world by = #20! I think Mark Dredge said it makes us the number one solely online beer store in the world! I can't even begin to express thanks to those that have helped raise our profile. It''s crazy the comunity out there. Upbeat, willing to share, inform and spread the word of great beer, it's a labour of love that's so important to everything about beer. Long may it last! Now the challenge is to improve on that status!

For the most uptodate news and information watch the Blog, or even Twitter for the moment it happens! If you're a twitter user, just @beermerchants - with your question anytime of day, and we'll do our best to answer as fast as we can, (ps, this is on all the time, 24/7)

As always, please feel free to contact me, on or @beermerchants on Twitter - Let me know what you want, any questions or just say hi! We love to hear from you!

Looking back, highlights have been bringing the Mikkeller, Lost Abbey, Alesmith, Jolly Pumpkin, Founders, et al incredible craft beers. The new, old and classic from Belgium, from Struise thru to the super Trappist brews and the success of all the gueuze that we've brought on...This is not stopping, but please don't miss out, because, some of these beers, when they're gone, they may not be back for a while or if ever!


We have treats in stall for you - I have to say that I have Green Flash on the way, all the way from San Diego, plus a range of very exciting brews from Belgium called Viven, 2 & 3 winners behind the Westvleteren 12 at the Brugge Beer fest, their Imperial IPA and Smoked porter are awesome, and really good value drinking. I have Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Girardin, Oud Beersel and Rare old skool Moriau in house now. We have beers coming down from Manchester, that oh so good brewery, Marble - the big screen print bottled 75's of Imperial Stout, Barley wine, a Cherry Imperial Stout and Raspberry Imperial Stout and there is more Mikkeller on the way.


These amazing beers, especially the excellent IPA and Smoked Porter, are arriving soon after this sends, watch the blog or twitter, if you want to know exactly when it arrives!

We've had McChouffe, Boon Kriek 75cl Bottles, Drie Fonteinen "Red Labeled" 2005 Vintage Gueuze, Chimay Blue Vintage 2008, Hopsinjoor, Cuvee Van Der Kaiser Red and Blue, Lindemans Gueuze, Cuvee Rene Gueuze and Cuvee Rene Kriek, all arrive this past week - all will be available now, or shortly.

And so on to the mixed cases!

"mmmm, beer!" to quote the great Homer, Simpson that is, "Mmmm, beer..."- the patron saint of beer drinkers, Homer is a nigh hero of mine! Rather than just pop a load of random beers together, we took the Mmmm, beer idea and with a little chance of luck, noticed we have a few beers that can be loosely put into a collection of beers from breweries that start with M! Tenuous I know, but it works! Beers from Mikkeller, Moor, Meantime and Moortgat, the diversity of flavours that these breweries and brewers attempt is really exciting. A mix, melange or mashup of many meaningful moments in beer... and, all for a bargain. £47.00! normally retailing at £53+ and with a free glass! buy here -

Rothaus - Wonderful labels, wonderful beers, a curious cult status and oh so drinkable and classy! As is our way, here's a mixed Her name is Birgit Kraft, a play on words in her local dialect for "beer gives strength," and she can be found, smiling in her traditional garb and holding a pair of beers, on the labels of Rothaus beer bottles. The cartoon maiden has not changed a bit since 1972, which is one of the secrets of her success. Beer from the state-owned brewery here deep in the Black Forest, founded as part of the St. Blasien monastery in 1791, has grown into a surprise hit in big cities around the country, and nowhere more so than in Berlin. Rothaus has managed to thrive in an era dominated by multinational beverage concerns, on little more than crisp beer and its quaint, old-fashioned image. This case includes a free Rothaus glass - save here -

Palm - WOW £55's of beer for £27.50 Rare is it that you can get a genuine 50% off of any product and when it's beer... yay! This case offers you: Ales, Lagers, and spontaneous fermented beers - Palm, Rodenbach, Boon and the classic Belgian brews of SteenBrugge, Palm breweries presents, with Brabant's pride, a fantastic and well balanced portfolio of traditional Belgian Beer Styles. This is a great cross selection of the classic styles of belgian beers, gueuzes, lagers, fruit beers, flemish sour ales, special belge ales, wheat beers, blonde ales and an insane bargain! Do not miss out! buy here (this isn't close date, it's all fresh from the brewery, well, minus as fresh as the gueuze will be)

Not So Mad March MAD MARCH PRICE £30.00 CONTINUES IN APRIL! A stock your fridges up offer - grab a case rather than grab a granny! A quick selection of popular beers to fill the fridge with, watch a movie with, or have with a take-away. Includes a free beer glass! buy here

Punk IPA, by the bottle - at £1.15 a bottle. here. Fill yer boots!


We've got a few of new beers in this month, Hopus from Lefebrvre,

Lefebvre HopusHopus - A new hoppy belgian blonde ale, that's really setting the pace for new hoppy belgian blonde ales. Love XX bitter, you'll love this too! There are 5 different hops used in this beer, a complex, soft, flowery balance. Notable Belgian beer writers are listing this as a cross over between the likes of XX bitter, Duvel and a good tripel. Has the one of the largest head I have ever seen on a beer, only very slightly cloudy golden. the head falls slowely and leaves great lacing. Clear hop aroma, very clean, sweet start that changes quickly to a hop finish.. If you like this, you should try Hopsinjoor and XX bitter

Beermerchants Videos - just messing about with the new tools that we can do, so just coz we can... and, the things that people make and send us!

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Please feel free to contact us at any time, mail me, let us know how you're getting on with the beers or just say hi!

"I like beer. On occasion, I will even drink beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of Communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working." - Dave Berry, Saturday Night Live.

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Other news:

the Cask in Pimlico has Rothaus on draft, amongst a growing range of really great German ales, and always has Thornbridge on cask.

The Lowlander is doing Beer Tastings, with Phil their in-house beer guy (not me!) is doing a series of Monday Night Beer Tastings - the first specialising in Fruit and Chocolate. Click here for more information.

Planet Thanet Beer Fest, is not too far away now. here's their website for all the information.

The Brewwharf, Stoney Street, London - has new brewers, doing fun things, are bringing more fun beers into their fold, pop in and say hi! They are having a cask tapping party on the 27th March, from 6pm.

Popped into the London Drinker Beer Festival - woah that was a busy event, great to see so many beer lovers, even if it was a little tooooo busy for my comfort and movement.

Please stop by and read their blogs, sites etc: Mark Dredge's Pencil and Spoon (twitter/blog) ; Simon @The Reluctant Scooper (twitter/blog), Andy Mogg at Beer Reviews(twitter/blog), Maeib, Andy and Ian at the, Zak Avery(twitter/blog), the Beer Vikings (check out their video below!), Kirsty, Hopzine... so many!! i

Yes, we do go on about Twitter, Facebook and our blog, even the very random Myspace, (which to be honest I have no idea why we did it, but...) Please feel free to get involved, say hi, want to swap links, let us know what you're up to? Tried any amazing beers? Feel free to get involved... we love it!

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