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Drinking beer, it's great isn't it. I know, I do it enough - travelling way too far to be fair, just for that new flavour or style. A recent trip to the US, I was reminded just how diverse, great fun the shere numbers of different beers that are out there, and yet that distance afforded me time for reflection on just a few things, when I got back.

Over the time that I have been away, actually brewing out in the US, with travels to the excellent Boonville beer festival, with of Triple Rock and 21st Amendment, the guys from the Brewing Network, and many other friends, it's always great to see Jay Brooks, and some new ones to boot. A throat bug did curtail real "research" but, a good effort was put in, all the same.

What was apparent when I got home, was wow, we have a load of great beer in the depot. Whilst I was away, yes they have access to a really diverse selection of great beer, but I was really impressed with what we carry and are expecting delivery of.

The Marble beers stood up well, taking a bottle of the Special out to friends (brewers and beerpeeps), they really enjoyed, silly comments toward we're figuring big beers out? (I had to remind them, we invented them, we just kinda sorta forgot about them). The Kernel beers, especially the Porter were really well recieved. I also took out a bottle of the Lovibonds Wheat Wine, which again, was well recieved. Taking Viven IIPA out there, was like taking oil to the arabs.

The first beer that I drank when I got home was the Moritz, cold from the fridge, and in 24'c in the back garden, it really hit the spot. Girardin and Cantillon soon followed... So, there you go, the beers that I drank, the ones that I take to beer loving friends over in California and the ones that I come home to.

Whilst I was away, we had a batch of Founders Centennial IPA arrive, which along with the Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve IPA, make a fine pair of IPA's. You can read more below!

I took a few bottles of Somerland Gold home over the weekend, wow... a great go to British bottled beer, shared it with a couple of mates who wandered round, over this past sunny weekend. I am sure they pop in, for the charm, company, location... ?! So, I have taken 50p of the bottle, so you can try this great beer from Moor Beer, down thar in Somerset. The JJJ IPA, and bretheren are really great ales, becoming classics in their own right - don't miss out! They are also getting a lot of love down in Italy and some of the Scandinavian countries, such is their quality!

The number of beer festivals and events are never ending. Yes, it's great, but it's hard to keep up. Two that are in the diary, as I am actually sat here on a crate and keg mixing serving a few beers with updating and editing this, listening to the cricket with the tones of Jazz in the background, is the Greenwich Beer and Jazz. Here with Meantime, and copious amounts of real ale! Don't miss it, great music and many great beers!) and the Tasting Beers Live at the NEC. We'll be there, please come say hi if you're around! and to use a phrase from John Foster of the excellent BeerSchool, "get here"

As always, please feel free to contact me, on or @beermerchants on Twitter - Let me know what you want, any questions or just say hi! We love to hear from you!

It's always great to bring fresh new flavours to the fore. I am going through a little bit of a hop kick at the moment, revisiting the gentle right through to what some even refer to as agressive flavours presented by brewers all derived from that wonderful little green flower.

Two absolute classics, one I have already emailed about, a sure fire winner and hop bomb in the truest sense, the Captain Lawrence Captains Reserve IPA, brewed by Scott Vacaro in Pleasantville NYC. But, now you can add the excellent and some might say classic american IPA, from Founders Brewing company - their Centennial IPA.

Both beers are big and bright and hoppy, the Founders is more malty, balanced than the Captain Lawrence, which is more a double IPA - yes, a double IPA, as it says "on the tin" er, bottle, more malts and more hops...

Put simply, love hops, love new wave American Craft Beer - you love these and many of the excellent beers we carry from Lost Abbey and Port Brewing.

The world cup commeth! The wonder that is the world cup, the injuries, the who will and who won't go, will they get the stadia built on time, who the damn goal keeper will be... I can't wait to get over the speculation - just get on and kick the damn ball! I love the world cup, being a passve football observer, I like many sports, love them, play them but just don't have the time to watch them, much participate now - except for watching the world cup. Wall charts at the ready...

I wanted to bring together a mixed case to share, with your mates, so you have a mix of Moritz, Rothaus pils, a few Meantime ales; their Pale ale and Stout and a bottle of Fruli Strawberry Beer! all at a discount of 15%, plus TWO free beer glasses!

So, here's your cure to a Case of World Cup Fever. This case will also guarantee an England Win, I just don't know how, but it will.... all for £29.99!

Other News...

Palm case will be back soon! we're getting through it faster than we can get stock in for it - I guess the WOW £55's of beer for £27.50 Rare is it that you can get a genuine 50% off of any product and when it's beer... yay! This case offers you: Ales, Lagers, and spontaneous fermented beers - Palm, Rodenbach, Boon and the classic Belgian brews of SteenBrugge, Palm breweries presents, with Brabant's pride, a fantastic and well balanced portfolio of traditional Belgian Beer Styles. This is a great cross selection of the classic styles of belgian beers, gueuzes, lagers, fruit beers, flemish sour ales, special belge ales, wheat beers, blonde ales and an insane bargain! Do not miss out! buy here (this isn't close date, it's all fresh from the brewery, well, minus as fresh as the gueuze will be)

"mmmm, beer!" to quote the great Homer, Simpson that is, "Mmmm, beer..."- the patron saint of beer drinkers, Homer is a nigh hero of mine! Rather than just pop a load of random beers together, we took the Mmmm, beer idea and with a little chance of luck, noticed we have a few beers that can be loosely put into a collection of beers from breweries that start with M! Tenuous I know, but it works! Beers from Mikkeller, Moor, Meantime and Moortgat, the diversity of flavours that these breweries and brewers attempt is really exciting. A mix, melange or mashup of many meaningful moments in beer... and, all for a bargain. £47.00! normally retailing at £53+ and with a free glass! buy here -

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Please feel free to contact us at any time, mail me, let us know how you're getting on with the beers or just say hi!

"I like beer. On occasion, I will even drink beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of Communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working." - Dave Berry, Saturday Night Live.

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