Surviving Rhododendron poisoning...

Last year the goats escaped and got into the rhododendrons.  While the entire herd munched leaves and buds, only 2 got sick.  They were vomiting green frothy foam and could not keep down any sort of food, or water. Both goats survived the experience, and were normal within 48 hours.  I handled the poisoning by syringing a mixture of Dynamite Miracle Clay (montmorillonite clay), activated charcoal, Dynamite DynaPro (pre and probiotic) and Waiora Natural Cellular Defense (zeolite mineral).  I gave only a couple CCs at a time, every 15-30 minutes, then less often as the symptoms improved.  I also gave homeopathic Nux Vomica.
As we still have rhododendrons and yews on the property, I keep all these items on hand in my first aid kit just in case.  You can find homeopathic remedies at your local health food store or online at Washington Homeopathics.
Here are a couple reference links I found useful.  There are several remedies mentioned in the case study.  The names are abbreviated.  These would be useful to keep on hand in an emergency kit.

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Is your goat first aid kit complete? 

Many standard first aid kits can be found online, containing a thermometer, stethoscope and other useful items.  However, have you considered adding some less standard items to your kit? 
For example, a good emergency homeopathy kit can be very useful.  Here are a couple examples:
Make sure you kit comes with a quick reference chart.

A flower essence remedy called Rescue Remedy can be very useful for animals under extreme stress or in shock.  You can find this online or in a local health food store.

I always keep Dynamite Trace Minerals on hand for bleeding and lacerations, as well as to boost life force when used orally.

Dynamite actually offers a First Aid kit containing all of the emergency products.

Oak Hill breeding season update...

All the does are now bred.  All kids will arrive between March 8 and April 2. 

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