Winter feeding tips 

To maintain weight, think fats. Black oil sunflower seeds and/or roasted soybeans.  For soybeans, I use the Dynamite HES extruded soybean pellets.  A tiny handful goes a long way.  Watch out for GMO soybeans - stick to organic.
To maintain body heat, free choice roughage is the best.  The roughage generates heat as it breaks down in the body.  I prefer grass hays, or grass mixed with alfalfa or clover.  I do not feed straight alfalfa because of the high nitrogen, lower fiber content, high protein and the effect on the calcium ratio.
Oats and corn are the most warming grains.  I prefer the oats, as so much corn these days is GMO.
I offer a prebiotic/probiotic whenever there is a sudden weather change, or if the animals are otherwise stressed.  My preference is Dynamite DynaPro.  With other brands, make sure they are labeled pre as well as pro.
I offer electrolyte water in addition to plain water.  I always make plain water available.  I use Dynamite DynaSpark electrolyte, which has the correct sodium/potassium ratio and a smidge of molasses for taste and energy.  

Oak Hill kidding schedule 

The first kids are due March 16.  Chickadee is due last on April first.  Harley will kid in late June.  The breedings, kidding due dates and expected colors are posted on the website.  Births will be announced on Facebook and Twitter as they happen.

Winterizing, again... 

With the blast of arctic air we had recently, I made more modifications to the shelters.  Everyone has doorway flaps.  The does have heat lamps on a photo sensor that run all night.  I found some great salvaged lumber and I'm building dutch doors for the buck pen.  For now, the bucks are making do with a tarp over the opening.  Tonka, our youngest buck, is staying with Winky until her kids come.  2 sleep warmer than 1...   I've left the youngest buckI'veII  T

2011 Show Schedule 

Come & meet some of the Oak Hill herd!
Myotonic Goat Show @ The Pet Expo  Reading, PA  March 19
Keystone State Fainting Goat Show @ The Pet Expo  Reading, PA  March 20
South Mountain Fair  Arendtsville, PA  August 17
South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show @ The South Mountain Fair  August 20 
For more information on these shows:

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