2016 kids for sale + bonus chapter from The Energetic Goat!
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14 kids so far!  More coming this month!

Births are being announced on Facebook, Twitter and the website as they occur.  I have started a waiting list for every kid potentially for sale.  Please phone, email or send a Facebook message to get on the list for your preferred kid(s).  Top left - Red, top right - Tiny Tim (looking at the camera), bottom left - Bugsy, bottom right Nibbles (top) and Tonkbadonk. 
Carrie and her buck
Goat Flower Farm Astro Boy
Kristie Miller, owner of Land Of Havilah - "Carrie is a great resource! She has been a huge blessing to me and my herd."

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Excerpted from The Energetic Goat


You know how magnets have an end that repels and an end that attracts?  Those are poles, sometimes called north and south.  All animals and people have a north and south pole.  The division between the poles is at the midline.  If a person is standing, you are divided at your solar plexus.  If a goat is standing on 4 hooves, the goat is divided at her midline, parallel to the ground.  If you lay down, you are now divided at your midline.  If you can get your goat to stand on her hind legs and dance, she is now divided at her solar plexus.  (And your dancing goat could become famous)
Occasionally, your poles can flip, meaning north becomes south, and south, north.  In people, having a flipped polarity makes you feel "off".  Your vision is slightly darker, life feels just a little bit down, your reflexes are a bit slower, and you may be a bit clumsy.  Your energy testing work will be all over the place, and often animals will shy away from you or otherwise react in unusual ways.  I would imagine it feels similar for the animals.  Flipped polarity affects the energy flow in the body.
Poles can be flipped by traveling at speeds above 35 miles per hour, overhead power lines, exposure to strong electrical fields, getting shocked, fluorescent lighting and by anything metal that connects across a midline, either side to side or top to bottom.  For example, in humans (I’m assuming your goat doesn’t wear glasses) wire-rimmed glasses or underwire bras both connect across your midline and can flip your polarity.
There is a muscle test to check if polarity is flipped in people. The test requires 2 people.  If both people have correct polarities, you can surrogate test the polarity of an animal...  I find it is simpler to just assume polarity could be flipped and clear myself and my goat before I start to test. 

To clear polarity on yourself:
  1. Hold the first and second finger of your right hand together, and curl your thumb and the rest of your fingers into your palm.
  2. With those 2 fingers only, touch above your right eye
  3. Now stroke across your forehead from above your right eye to above your left eye once
  4. Lift your fingers away from your forehead
  5. Move your fingers back to above your right eye and stroke again
  6. Repeat for a total of 3 to 5 strokes

To clear your goat:
Follow the same steps except start above your goat’s right eye.  If you are facing your goat, your goat’s right eye will be on your left.  Do not start above your goat’s left eye.

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