First baby goat of 2022!   Dot and her daughter are indoors until the cold eases.
We're back! 
(For those of you new to the farm, we had a tragic fire back in September)

After a lot of hard work to beat the start of winter, a lot of soul searching, and some creative redesign, we are open again for tours, with farmstays scheduled to reopen in April (bookings open now).  

We weren't able to salvage all the programs, and we won't be rebuilding the big barn anytime soon. 

But we took a look at what our guests liked best about the farm, and so have reopened our goat playtime, and are actively training the goats to do goat walks in spring.  Some wonderful friends and clients discounted or donated stock to start rebuilding the herd.  We have brought back fainting goats, and fulfilled our dream of adding the critically rare British Guernsey goats.  The new herd is integrating nicely.  Raven is the dominant doe, but on walks Dot takes the lead.  Goldie is still the most shy.  Eli has become very friendly and is the goat who enjoys petting the most.  The free choice hay and multiple dog houses stuffed with hay are keeping the goats toasty.

And now we have Dot's daughter, yet to be named!  We moved Dot and daughter into the warmer garage and will be moving them between garage and outdoor pen until the brutal cold ends.  Goats are tough, but after everything this year, I couldn't forgive myself if something happened to this new baby in the cold.  She has a fashionista's wardrobe of sweaters and coats for the chilly days outside, and we look forward to her modeling career.

The surviving horses and donkey are fat and happy, enjoying the 24/7 hay buffet that is part of our regenerative round bale feeding this winter.  We did our best to resume the supervised riding with Bahiya's help, but she just isn't happy doing it.  With the onset of extreme cold, we have shut all horse activities down until spring to focus on their care and training, and work with them to decide which horse programs can resume.  Everyone has access to the run in shed in the Lowlands pasture now, and the extreme cold has taken care of the drainage issues for now.  

We are contemplating the upgrades to our farmstay experiences for the 2022 season.  We have decided to bundle eggs and fresh produce and herbs into the stay and are working on guest access to the chicken nest boxes and gardens for daily supervised participation in gathering and harvesting.  Our 3 best campsites will reopen this season, and rather than rebuild a communal outdoor shower, we are adding individual showers and upgraded camp toilets at each campsite, God willing.  We have also bundled our basic tours into the farmstay package, and guests can choose a complimentary goat, horse or general farm tour during their stay.

We are already planning the events for this year.  So far, we have a fun tree planting and hedgerow restoration project planned, as well as the continuation of our tree hay work.  We hope to continue the Monarch butterfly monitoring as well.  Activities are listed on the website as they are scheduled.

Along with all the brainstorming, this winter brings a lot of online work launching our virtual tours and zoom offerings, as well as a general house deep cleaning and sorting.  It feels good to be working toward an organized and uncluttered spring.  If any readers have tips for favorite decluttering and organizing resources, please pass them along.  (We are especially big fans of reuse and repurpose.)  We lost a lot of "stuff" in the fire, and there have been very valuable lessons in what matters most, what the essentials really are, and where to prioritize time and money and "things".  Along those lines, 2 books that have tremendously boosted our productivity here at the farm are Atomic Habits by James Clear and The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  Combining the techniques has been a game changer.   We also got seriously hooked on the tv series Hotel Impossible.  There are so many great lessons to be gleaned from the show about human nature and staff and systems.  

There have been changes in our farm team as well.  Many of you met Kasey and Mickey this past season.  Kasey has decided to move on to other projects and has left the farm permanently.  Mickey has taken over goat care and goat tours, but also has gone home for the winter to stay warm and keep Perry the cat warm and safe.  We look forward to welcoming Mickey back in late winter, and are also actively continuing to look for farm enterpreneurs to work with us on various small farm businesses.

And speaking of the team, a new furry member of the team should be joining us at the start of February!  Arlo da'chonk is our new Great Pyrenees livestock dog, coming all the way from Ohio to partner with Runa.  We will post on social media when he arrives.

And that wraps up the January news on this cold snowy spectacular day.  You can reach us at 570-285-5242 or  We are open 10am to sunset Wednesday through Sunday, by appointment only.

Stay toasty everyone!
Carrie & Khalil

Camping reopens spring 2022

We have added British Guernseys!

See our website for details about these beautiful rare dairy goats.

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