Parasites are all about the immune system. A healthy immune system fights off parasites, and is stimulated by the presence of a small number of parasites.

If the immune system is not the key, then how can you have a field of goats, all exposed to the same parasites, and some show symptoms while others thrive?

Copper is especially important for immune function. And, because minerals act both synergistically and antagonistically, you also have to look at other minerals that interact with copper. Mulder’s Chart expresses the relationships visually.   To learn more about mineral interactions, also visit Albion Minerals.



Come meet us at Lehman's Feed Customer Appreciation Day!  

I'll be at Lehman's Feed in York Springs this Saturday 8-4 with some of the does & kids. Stop by and say hello! , in, , !
Go Astro!  Whoot-whoot!  

Goat Flower Farm Astro Boy, our black/white buck, won Reserve Champ Senior Buck at the MGR show this spring in Reading, PA.  Turns out he's a ham, and loves all the attention. , in, , !
2012 Kidding Season underway  

Kidding has begun.  All the breedings are posted on the website, and kids pics & video go up as each doe gives birth.  I am retaining a few doelings this year, so I will release doelings for sale in mid-May after I have made my choices. 

Do you have horses?  If so, this class will change their lives (and yours)!
Ancient Wisdom Meets Common-Sense Horsemanship
May 19th ~ Gettysburg, PA

May Special! - Dynamite Herbal Tonic, DynaPro & Miracle Clay
Wholesale price plus tax and shipping!  Offer only open to eNewsletter subscribers.  Please call or email to order - no online orders.    Limited to my Dynamite clients or folks that are new to Dynamite.

Mark your calendar!  South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show & South Mountain Falling Fainters Show August 25th 

Two MGR-sanctioned shows at the South Mountain Fair Saturday August 25 in Arendtsville, PA.  There are also classes for other goat breeds.  Come & show your goats, or watch the fun! or!/SouthMountainMyotonicGoatShow  or!/SouthMountainFallingFaintersShow!/SouthMountainMyotonicGoatShow  

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