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The Energetic Goat A Practical Guide To Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis and Dowsing For Your Herd's Health by Carrie Eastman

"Lifelong holistic health devotee Carrie Eastman presents the reflexology, dowsing, and muscle testing techniques that she’s learned to apply to goats. Learn about natural, noninvasive, and nontoxic methods of treating your animals and preventing diseases. Eastman also provides tips and tricks for converting your herd to holistic management. Includes a helpful diagram of reflexology points as well as a cross-reference chart of remedies to use when testing your herd."

The book is out and available in the US and Europe, both as a paperback and Kindle eBook.  You can buy the book here

There have been some fantastic reviews!  Check out this review at Healthy Families For God by Sara Jo Poff

There are 2 reviews at Amazon, both glowing.

I also wrote a blog post explaining how to use the book for other animal species.

Want to learn more about dowsing and other ways of testing?  Watch for educational videos on
Oak Hill's YouTube channel
Goat Flower Farm Astro Boy winning Senior Reserve Champion Buck. 

A New Look For A Refined Farm Focus

You may notice the website and logo look a bit different.  OK, a lot different.  With the changes in the economy and the changes in the show ring, this fall I took a hard look at Oak Hill's goals and bottom line.  My first priority was what is best for the breed.  My second was keeping the farm profitable, or at least breaking even.  Which goes hand-in-hand with how to best serve our loyal customers.
Looking back over the last several years, it is apparent that most of our goats have gone to 2 types of homes.  We have sold to pet homes, who wanted flashy friendly pet kids.  And we have sold to small homesteads looking to start their own herds.
With that in mind, we are stepping back a bit from focusing on the show lines.  Many of the goats winning in the ring today are much taller, bigger boned, more muscled and faster growing than the original fainting goats.  These show goats are often fed high-input diets, and are more heavily managed in general.  Overall, the show animals do appear to be diverging from the original fainting lines.  Yes, there are exceptions to this statement (thank goodness!) and my hope is that the breed will drift back toward it's more original form, rather than head down the path of Boer goats, halter quarter horses and many dog breeds.   While waiting to see if the breed course-corrects, we had a decision to make at Oak Hill.  Cull the herd heavily and start over with show-bloodline breeding stock and higher inputs to do well in the ring, or focus on breed preservation and our 2 markets.  We went with breed preservation and our best markets.
There is speculation that the original heritage breed, just like many other heritage breeds, was actually a multi-purpose animal.  I have located other breeders using their myotonics for milk, and a few that have experimented with their cashmere.  Myotonic milk tastes like half and half, and is richer and creamier than many of the dairy breeds.  The does yield up to 6 cups daily while nursing their kids.  Myotonic cashmere is very fine (I will post measurements when I have them) with a shorter fiber and guard hairs, so cleaning is a bit tricky and the yard needs a tighter twist.  Oak Hill will be starting to milk in 2016, and will be evaluating fiber from our cashmere-carrying goats (about half the herd).
Visit the website for more information about myotonic uses and breed registry options.
Stay tuned for results!
If you have questions about the breed, and about our refined breeding goals, please call me.  I'm happy to discuss the changes and toss around ideas.
Oak Hill will continue to focus on no-GMO no-chemical no-vaccine low-input browse-based goat management.

2016 Kids (and maybe fall 2015 too?)

We have a couple does that may have taken during the June and July 2015 breedings.  Watch for November 2015 kid announcements.

Meanwhile, breeding for 2016 kids is well underway.  Kidding should begin in March 2016, and we expect offspring sired by each of our bucks.  Expect mostly polled, lots of blue eyes, mini to small sizes and a big variety of colors.  Some of the 2016 kids will be 8th generation chemical, GMO and vaccine free!  (All will of course be at least a couple generations free on both sides of the family tree.)
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