Nutrition during pregnancy
The Oak Hill does are usually pregnant during the coldest months of the year.  So, we are not only feeding the growing kids, we are also helping the doe maintain body condition and stay warm.  Roughage is the best way to generate body heat.  I keep timothy/clover hay out for the does 24/7. In extreme cold, make sure the does get get out of the wind and stay dry, and keep their bellies full.  Bitter cold will actually restrict blood flow to the placenta and can result in stunted kids, late-term spontaneous abortions, and difficulties during labor.  So it's very important to give extra care during extended periods of extreme cold.  To maintain body condition, think fats.  I feed black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) for extra fats.  My does also get a couple handfuls of Dynamite Pelleted Grain Ration (PGR) daily. PGR contains corn, oats & barley, as well as cold-extruded soybean, a mineral pack, and clay as the pellet binder.  I find the PGR really helps maintain muscle and topline.  If the does are still a bit thin with the extra BOSS and PGR, I may boost protein just a smidge.  I add a handful of Standlee alfalfa pellets, some alfalfa hay, or some cold-extruded soybean pellets (Dynamite HES).  I also use a variety of supplements.  My does always have access to Dynamite Izmine, 2-1 calcium phosphorus and Browser/Grazer mix free choice, as well as Redmond salt and baking soda.  During pregnancy, I also add a pinch of the original formula Dynamite equine vitamin/mineral supplement (not Dynamite Plus).  The original Dynamite is higher in selenium, copper and folic acid and makes a great prenatal for goats.  I add the vitamin/mineral to their feed 6 days/week and give them the 7th day off to flush any extra from their system.  During stress, I add Dynamite DynaPro prebiotic to their food.  Also important is fresh water - make sure you break the ice a couple times a day, carry warm water or use a heater.  Goats drink the majority of their water during the day, and dehydration is very dangerous.  If any doe seems a bit run down, I boost with Dynamite Trace Mineral Concentrate for a month.  Next issue I will cover pre-kidding and kidding nutrition and care.

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Upcoming kiddings:
Carlotta (polled chocolate blackbelly with brown eyes) is bred to Astro (polled black/white with blue eyes) for December 2012 kids.  The other 7 does are due between February and April of 2013.  The breedings and estimated due dates are posted.  The priority reservation list is now open, so if you are interested in a particular breeding and would like first pick of the kids, please visit the website and download the Priority Reservation form

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Wondering which product to use?  2-1 is fed free choice when the forage is primarily grasses.  1-1 is fed free choice when the forage is primarily legumes, like alfalfa.  Izmine is fed free choice or top-dressed for macro and micro minerals, and is a great source of silica and magnesium.  Dynamite is the higher-potency multi-vitamin/mineral mix used during breeding, pregnancy and nursing, top dressed on feed, and higher in selenium and copper.  Dynamite Plus for maintenance is lower potency and contains additional ingredients to assist digestion.

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