Time for a new preservation project.
Our farm guests love interacting with the more cuddly animals, and there are quite a few rare rabbit breeds out there in need of help.  So we plan to begin a small preservation rabbit breeding program, God willing, sometime in late spring/early summer.
The question is, which breed?
Being rare, finding breeders with rabbits to sell is tricky.  We are searching on the east coast into the midwest and which breed(s) we end up with depend a lot on what is available.
Pictured above are our top contenders:  Argente Brun, Checkered Giant, Creme d' Argente and Blanc Hotot.
Stay tuned for our final choice, or even better - come join us for our brand new rabbit tour or updated farm tour, and meet them in person.
If the new rabbit program wasn't exciting enough, here is more good news-
Another breeder has stepped forward to help rebuild our fainting goat herd.  Oak Hill Carly is from our early lines, registered under our farm name, and she is coming back with 2 daughters, Lucy and Flossie!
We hope to welcome them back sometime in mid to late May.
Many thanks to Pat Rollins at Skydance Farms.

Camping is open!

We have added farmstay packages for the 2022 camping season.
Guests can book a farmstay at one of our 3 secluded campsites and participate in our daily farm chores and activities, such as gardening or taking care of the animals.  As a bonus, guests can bring some fresh produce or eggs back to their campsite to enjoy.
In addition, farmstay guests can join one of the daily tours.  Choose between Playtime With Rare Goats, Meet the Jilfan Malabar Arabians, or Bond With Rescued & Retired Horses.
We hope to see some of you here this season to try out our new farmstay package!
Book Your Farmstay
The picnic area is open!  With improvements!
We shifted the picnic area into the shady woods with a view of the animal pens and horse riding area.  We added seating, side tables, a charcoal grill and a firepit.  We provide charcoal, firewood and basic grilling tools.  Picnic guests are free to walk down and visit the animals in their pens or observe the animal activities.
We offer a basic picnic package and a deluxe picnic + 3 tours bundle with farm, horse and goat tours wrapped in.
We hope to see you this season!
Picnics start at $24
Deluxe picnic packages start at $59

Book Your Picnic
Book Your Deluxe Picnic Package
Notes from the farm -
April.  Winter has finally let go, and the grass is greening.  The horses and goats are grazing and browsing again.  The ducks are sitting on nests.  The chickens are laying.  And we are busy, up to our ears in fun new projects, while eyeballing that garden that needs to be opened up.
The goat pens are finished, hay racks complete, and all the winter bedding is finally stripped out.  Having our new jr farm partner Mickey on board is such a blessing, and she has taken over the lion's share of the goat work.  Mickey is quite the tour guide, with interesting experiences.  If you get to meet her, ask her about her days with the Musk Ox and how battleship tours compare to historic village tours.  You might just get an impromptu lesson on brain-tanning deer hides or a story about Ox births.
The chicken tractors and duckling pen are still on our todo list.  We have about 20 days to get that duckling pen ready before they hatch.  Counting down!
But, we have just enough time to temporarily shift gears over to the rabbits.  A new small animal tour and preservation project makes a lot of sense for the new version of the farm.  We hope that all of you enjoy their adorable antics.  I had bunnies and guinea pigs as a child (ok, I confess, I had just about every type of pet, God bless my mother).  I'm looking forward to seeing if they are as cute and cuddly as I remember, and I'm excited to work with some of these gorgeous old endangered breeds.
On a thoughtful note, I find I'm tempted to date things PF and AF (pre and after fire) these days.  The fire changed a lot more than was immediately apparent.  Entire business systems have had to be redesigned, and frankly, some just don't work anymore.  We find ourselves occasionally scratching our heads over the complexity of the post-fire changes.  We still miss our lost friends.  But, there are tremendous new lessons to learn, and our faith carries us forward.  AF, we are focused on adding a new menu of guest activities, better hosting, and of course, farm products that fit the current farm.
The rest of the barn wreckage still needs to be cleared and hauled away, as time and funds permit.  It is a daily reminder of what was...

April is usually the month of garden planning, with planting starting in May.  We will see how big the farm team is this year before making decisions about the gardens' sizes and contents.  Right now it's looking like a simplified garden, pared down to the easiest plants and also the most popular.  We will probably focus on heirloom herbs, perhaps multiple basil and parsley varieties for some fun taste testing, edible flowers, add in some easy heirloom tomatoes, some radishes for their seed pods, chard and kale - super easy and very high yields, and then round it out with some types of squash.  And lettuce.  There must be lettuce.  

Speaking of growing, we have several pregnant goats right now, and with the new goats arriving, we may be able to bring back kid sales this year.  We will see how the season unfolds.

With the goats in Mickey's capable hands, once the rabbits are settled in, all my energy turns to my lifelong passion, the horses.  This season is the season of the horse.  Figuring out what horse activities suit them now and best serve our guests, seeing if we can resurrect the breeding program, possibly even expanding into some foals for sale over the next year or two.  I have a few surprises I'm working on, and hope to be able to announce by May.  It's all in God's hands.  We have an opening for a jr partner to work with me on all things horse, if any of you know someone who might be interested.   Experience not required.  Just drop us a line or check the website for the application process.  And if any of you have requests for new horse activities or suggestions for changes to the current lineup, please let us know.

So that's farm life at Barakah Farm right now.  Always a blessing and always interesting.  We hope to see you here this season.
Take a barefoot walk in the spring grass

Carrie (and Khalil)
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