Bringing Home Your New Kid 

Whether you are shopping for your first goats, or adding to your herd, picking out a new kid (or three) is always exciting.  So you've found your kid and you're ready to go pick him or her up.  Are you prepared?  Here are my thoughts on preparing for and picking up your new kid.

Before going to pick up your kid:
If you are asking your seller to vaccinate or deworm/delouse your kid, ask that this be done several days prior to your scheduled pickup to give the kids time to recover from the stress.

Locate a goat veterinarian in your area if you don't already have one.  Call and introduce yourself, get your information entered as a new client and learn their emergency numbers and hours.


First Aid Kit For Goats  

A first aid kit for goats can be a real lifesaver.  Generally, I divide first aid supplies into 2 categories - those that are for critical life-saving intervention where seconds count, and those that you have time to go to the store and purchase (although they should be kept on hand if possible)

Your goat can die within seconds or minutes from just a few things. Severe blood loss, shock, snake bite, allergic reaction or poisoning. read more... , in, , !  read more...

2012 Kidding Season done until fall  

3 bucklings still for sale.  Carlotta should kid late fall. See website for details. 

Fun goat hat and bumper sticker!  
Hats and bumper stickers.  $18 and $5.  Email Jaime to purchase.  Proceeds support the Empire State Myotonic Goat Show.

June Special! - Any Dynamite first aid product listed in my blog article
Wholesale price plus tax and shipping!  Offer only open to eNewsletter subscribers and limited to 1 of each item per subscriber.  Please call or email to order - no online orders.    Limited to my Dynamite clients or folks that are new to Dynamite.

Mark your calendar!  South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show & South Mountain Falling Fainters Show August 25th 

Two MGR-sanctioned shows at the South Mountain Fair Saturday August 25 in Arendtsville, PA.  There are also classes for other goat breeds.  Come & show your goats, or watch the fun! or!/SouthMountainMyotonicGoatShow  or!/SouthMountainFallingFaintersShow!/SouthMountainMyotonicGoatShow  

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