June 2011 Newsletter

Gothic Journal brings you the latest news and links to help keep you in romantic suspense.

Gothic Journal Website Being Revamped

The Gothic Journal website is being converted to a WordPress website. This will enable it to process purchases of internet downloads with payments through PayPal. The over 50 Author Profiles currently available only via purchase of back issues will eventually be available in .PDF format for purchase in this way. Proceeds from these sales will be used to advertise the Author Profiles and the Gothic Romance Lending Library. Watch for more information about this upgrade coming soon.

Amazon's Ambitious Publishing Plans

Amazon is going into the book publishing business with 5 imprints so far, including ones for romance and mystery/suspense titles. For details, see http://www.techflash.com/seattle/2011/05/amazons-ambitious-publishing-plan.html. It is releasing 32 diverse new books for spring and fall. Bookmark this link:  www.amazon.com/amazonpublishing. A link on that page allows you to sign up for email updates from Amazon Publishing.

Three Publishers to Form Joint Internet Bookstore

Three major publishers said on May 6 that they would create a new venture, called Bookish.com, which is expected to make its debut late this summer. The site intends to provide information for all things literary: suggestions on what books to buy, reviews of books, excerpts from books and news about authors. Visitors will also be able to buy books directly from the site or from other retailers and write recommendations and reviews for other readers. For details see http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/07/books/publishers-plan-a-joint-one-stop-book-site.html?_r=1.

Where are the Bookstores?

Here is a map of all US bookstores that are American Booksellers Association members. It also shows the 252 Borders superstores that closed at the end of May.

GRLL Needs More Readers

The nonprofit Gothic Romance Lending Library needs more readers of its over 2,200 gothic romance novels available on loan by mail at very reasonable rates. Check it out, and place your order today!

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