July 2012 Newsletter

Gothic Journal brings you the latest news and links to help keep you in romantic suspense. We've made LOTS of great changes lately, all detailed below.

Totally Transformed

Gothic Journal's website has entered the modern age! It is now a WordPress PCI-compliant site complete with a shopping cart that allows secure online purchases via PayPal using a PayPal account or a major credit card. Site visitors may now order Gothic Romance Lending Library(GRLL) book shipments, make GRLL donations, and purchase Gothic Journal Back Issues, a 7-Year Index and Booklist and Author Profiles (instant .PDF downloads) via PayPal. All profits from Gothic Journal's website sales now go to support the nonprofit Gothic Romance Lending Library (GRLL).

Also available on the website are book reviews, recommended reading lists (with many links to Amazon.com for purchase), and links to Gothic Journal's Amazon Webstore, newsletters, and other sites of interestCheck it all out today!

Gothic Journal Author Profiles
Now Downloadable

As a print publication from 1991-1998, each issue of Gothic Journal featured an extensive Author Profile of a famous and prolific gothic romance novel author. Previously available only via purchase of Gothic Journal back issues, 44 of these Author Profiles are now available via download in .PDF format for $2.00 each on Gothic Journal's website. Each profile contains a biographical sketch, a list of the author's published works by year, and summaries of several representative works, often including brief excerpts and author photos. Many of these authors have never been profiled elsewhere, so these are true treasures, especially for readers interested in exploring and reading all of the works of one or more of these great gothic romance authors.

GRLL Moves to Eugene, OR

On June 9, the Gothic Romance Lending Library (GRLL) was moved from its 14-year residence in the Spokane, WA,  home of Rod and Pat Christian to the home of its new Librarian, Lila Ekstrom, in Eugene, OR. The nonprofit 3,500+ volume library is sponsored by Gothic Journal and has been managed exceptionally by the Christians until their recent retirement at ages 70+. Retired public librarian Lila Ekstrom, who is also a published gothic romance author, is looking forward to her volunteer duties as the new GRLL Librarian, and Gothic Journal is very grateful to her for taking on this project. She already has converted its online catalog to a new format that will ultimately include additional publication data and cover pictures for each novel.

The GRLL was founded in 1998 by Gothic Journal to preserve gothic romance novels and make them available to interested readers. Its entire collection has been graciously donated by readers, authors, and publishers, and more gothic romance novel donations are always welcome. GRLL books are available for loan for a three-month period via the USPS at reasonable rates that include return shipping. Effective on the GRLL's June 9 move date, GRLL lending fees were restructured to make them easier to use and to accommodate recent postal rate increases. The new rates range from $2.00-$7.00 per book, depending on the quantity ordered and the shipping method chosen. Check out all the details here, and order your books today!

Become a GRLL Ambassador!

Gothic Journal and the Gothic Romance Lending Library (GRLL) are managed by two retirees who have limited time/energy/connections to publicize the GRLL. They are both (by choice) unconnected to social media, so they are seeking energetic volunteer helpers and members of younger generations to help get the word out about the GRLL. Specific duties and benefits are outlined on the Gothic Romance Lending Library web page. And yes, there are lots of cool benefits!

If you are a lover of gothic romance novels and want to help publicize their availability via the GRLL, contact Kristi Lyn Glass to become a volunteer GRLL Ambassador. Your help is greatly needed!

More to Come . . .

We've been holding off on sending out Gothic Journal newsletters for awhile, waiting to announce all of the above massive changes, so other news has been piling up in the meantime. Watch for another Gothic Journal newsletter coming soon containing a bevy of other news items related to the gothic romance genre. To be added to Gothic Journal's newsletter email list, click here.

Help Spread the Word!

It would be especially helpful and appreciated if you would give Gothic Journal and/or the Gothic Romance Lending Library a mention on Twitter or Facebook (or other social networking sites) via the icons at right or forward this newsletter to your friends who may be interested in gothic romance novels. If you have suggestions for Gothic Journal and/or GRLL marketing ideas or want to become a GRLL Ambassador, please contact Kristi Lyn Glass!

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