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Several consecutive years of damaging fires in Washington state make it clear that we still have work to do to minimize the destruction of life, property and environment that occurs when natural wildfires become catastrophic.
We support science-driven methods for reducing the incidence of catastrophic wildfire.
Our leaders should work toward fire reduction solutions that can show results next year, not next century. 
We have some definite ideas of what those solutions are, ideas that come from decades of experience responsibly managing millions of acres of regulated forestland in Washington. 
Our new website – – delivers the facts about why catastrophic wildfire has increased in recent years and puts forward four guideposts we should steer through on our way to reducing the incidence and severity of complex and devastating fires.

A healthy forest – like a healthy body – requires routine maintenance and preventive care, and in forestry those efforts fall under the heading of active forest management.  As with our own health, the choice to do nothing has high costs.

Help start a conversation about healthy forests and wildfire.
Click here or above to visit the website and share one of our video stories about what it “feels” like to lose forestland we care about.
Fuel reduction and carefully managed prescribed fires set during mild weather conditions do help to control the extent to which small fires grow into runaway catastrophic blazes. 

The ability for state, federal and private owners to coordinate early suppression efforts when fires do break out is another important part of the solution. 

And, science, not politics, will always be our best guide when selecting the best methods for restoring health to fire-damaged lands.
If state and federal officials agree to do more to encourage the use of active forest management practices across all lands, we might be able to reduce the incidence of catastrophic wildfire and the terrible damage these fires do today.
Visit to learn more about what’s behind the increase in catastrophic wildfire and steps we can take toward more uniform forest health in Washington state.

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