Modern working forestry is driven by science-driven sustainable practices.

Working Forests Action Network

Have you ever thought of working forests as a bridge to the future? 

Foresters do every day. 

Each year, 52 million new trees are planted in Washington’s working forests --- three for every one harvested.  Decades from now, trees planted today will be cut for use in thousands of different products and processes. 

Future generations benefit from the supply of Washington-sourced renewable wood, grown more sustainably than at any time in history.   

And while the timber is growing, today’s private forest landowners in Washington are leveraging their time in the forests to produce something else that’s important to our future: cool, clean water.

This year we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of Washington’s Forests & Fish Law that’s at the heart of a successful effort by state and private forest landowners that has removed more than 5,600 barriers to fish passage and restored more than 3,800 miles of historic fish habitat.

Perhaps most important for the bigger picture, the Forests & Fish Law was instrumental in putting modern science in the driver’s seat for determining the best forest practices. 

By gathering data about what’s actually happening inside of our forests and applying adaptive management strategies, we’re able to make science-driven decisions to maintain a responsible balance and make investments in our shared future.

- Your Friends in Working Forestry


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