There are reasons to be optimistic that Washington state may continue its commitment to science-based forest practices.
Working Forests Action Network

Our Working Forests Action Network has not been shy about saying that our state’s commitment to science-based forestry practices should be both strong and ongoing.

Your leaders in Olympia are listening to you.

The State Department of Natural Resources’ budget request for 2015-2017 asked for $5.9 million to “meet Adaptive Management Program commitments that support the science and accountability foundation of the Forests and Fish Law.”

Gov. Jay Inslee concurred---the entire request was included in the budget he sent to the Legislature.

Keep in mind that these signs of support are cause for optimism, but we’re a long way from the finish line.  Our Working Forests Action Network members have done a great job so far to keep this a priority for our decision-makers in Olympia.  As the Legislature grapples with some very tough choices, it will be more important that they are aware that a fully funded adaptive management program ensures that our forest practices are science-based.

Maintaining the collaborative made up of forest landowners, environmentalists, Native American tribes and others whose shared values are embodied in the Forests and Fish Law requires fulfilling the commitment to adaptive management.

Most importantly, adaptive management is an integral accountability piece, to meet the goals of monitoring and validating the effectiveness of salmon and water quality protections.  Without the observed scientific data gathered through adaptive management, the state would fall short of its commitment to ensure that forest practices are meeting the goals.

We’ll continue to keep you informed about the Legislature’s progress on a very important piece of our state’s commitment to healthy working forests and maintaining water quality.


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