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Good ideas need experience and steady leadership to become real.

There’s a week left until Washington voters make a very important decision in the race for State Public Lands Commissioner, the state’s chief manager of 2.1 million acres of state trust forestland.

Each of us will make our own decision about which candidate – Steve McLaughlin or Hilary Franz – will keep an agency of more than 1,800 dedicated staff on course.  The stakes are high.  

During the last century, collaboration helped to build something very special here.  The work wasn’t easy, but the reward was great – our state’s high standards mean that working forests directly support important things such as cool, clean water, thousands of family wage jobs, and supplying renewable wood for lumber and products.

The trendline is positive – we need do what we can to stay on that good path.  Thankfully, there’s an ample supply of good ideas, and experienced leadership will be essential to making sure we continue moving forward. 

If you haven’t already voted, consider these facts:
  • An accomplished retired Navy officer who has worked under three U.S. presidents, Steve McLaughlin has led organizations of thousands of individuals to accomplish shared objectives. 
  • McLaughlin has personally managed a small forest.  He has firsthand knowledge of the challenges – and the rewards – of responsible forest management.
  • And because McLaughlin also has a decade of experience as a FEMA incident management instructor, he wouldn’t have to learn on the job to keep order during the crisis calendar – wildfire season.
While the true objectives of McLaughlin’s opponent are murky, McLaughlin’s commitment to a balanced approach to lands management could not be more clear.  McLaughlin has proven throughout his career that he can organize and motivate a large group of people to pursue those common sense, positive goals.

Be sure to vote and we’ll check back in with you after Election Day. 

However this election is decided, we will continue to work hard to spread the word about working forestry’s contributions and benefits.  Because working forests do really work for everyone and that should always continue.

-Your Friends in Working Forests

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