Washington’s privately owned forests set a global standard for health and sustainability.

Working Forests Action Network

Each generation's calling is to do better

Making different lifestyle choices is one way individuals invest in a better future.

Tens of thousands of people working in forests across Washington know their role, too.  Neither their hands nor their minds are ever idle, constantly asking, “While I’m here, what else can I do to make things better?”

The result of that daily introspection among an army of men and women: Washington’s privately owned forests set a global standard for health and sustainability.

Wood is now seen as a part of the solution for responsibly growing our cities and providing energy, but that’s only the first part of the good works private working forests can do.  While we’re out there engaged in a renewable cycle of growth, harvest and replanting, we’re always going back to that motivating question: “What else can we do?” 

We’ve answered our own call by using our time in the woods to perform a range of activities that include supporting cool, clean streams for fish habitat and passage and applying science to actively manage forests in ways that reduce the risk of environmentally catastrophic megafires.

You might guess that we’re proud of their work --- that’s undoubtedly true.  Maybe honored to be able to do such important things is another way to describe how we feel. 

Maybe you have thoughts about the role working forests play in the better future.  If you work in forestry or with wood, you might have your own anecdotes or personal insights.  We know you feel a sense of honor about your work. 

We want to hear from you.


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