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The issue of state trust lands is front and center in the race for State Commissioner of Public Lands.
While we don’t make candidate endorsements, we do feel that it’s important to share information. 
Each of the two candidates running for lands commissioner have expressed different ideas about whether our state should steer away from a legal mandate to manage state trust lands -- including millions of acres of forested land -- to be profitable and generate revenue for programs including public schools across Washington.
We also know that in addition to providing a sustainable and reliable source of revenue for things like schools, the activity on state trust lands generates jobs and wages workers use to support their families, mostly in rural areas of the state where other opportunities are harder to come by.

We think this information is important to share.

Will you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?

Or make a post on your own social media?
We can help with the research you need to fill in the details.  How many jobs are connected to state trust lands in your county?  How much in wages?  Click here or on the screenshot image below to use our interactive map to quickly research the facts for your county.

Because each lands commissioner candidate has a different vision for whether they would support this activity that benefits local economies, not only in rural areas of the state, but primarily in those struggling areas, we believe it’s important to get the facts out now so that voters have all of the information they need to make an informed decision that’s right for our future.
Thank you for your help getting the word out about an important aspect of working forestry’s contributions to Washington’s success.
-Your Friends in Working Forests


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