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Bika Mail 2
16 June 2021, Cape Town
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In response to a requirement in the pharma industry, Vis Magnetica (Uruguay) and Bika Lab Systems (Cape Town), combined to document functional specifications and use cases for managing reference samples and consumables in Bika

Importance of Inventory Management

Inventory management, though often not given much attention, can be a big cost-saving field for labs, contributing 30-40% of expenditure. Managing consumption and limiting wastage increases lab competitiveness

Costly out-of-stock situations can be prevented and over-stocking resolved. Reviewing consumption per instrument highlights device inefficiencies. Re-ordering alerts inform managers of low stock levels, and near-expiry alerts of consumables approaching the end of their shelf lives

Submit your lab's requirements

The project offers a collaboration opportunity for labs to affordably acquire an Inventory Management module fitting requirements. Part funding has already been obtained, and we are inviting more labs to submit their requirements and co-sponsor the project to completion.

Heads-up Bika Senaite developers

Inventory management is a popular requirement, let's not duplicate but combine efforts for a best of breed design. Inventory management can also be achieved by interfacing an ERP but it will also require functions to be coded in the LIMS, probably in the ERP too

The project objective is a seamlessly integrated and simple, single UI, solution for core laboratory inventory management


For managing reference material in the LIMS, current Bika Reference Sample and Definition architecture will be utilised, expanded with Sample levels, consumption logs, low level, high usage and expiry alerts

Consumables will be a new class, similar to Reference Samples but sans results capturing. Both Reference Samples and Consumables are assigned to Samples and  Analyses on Worksheets, where start and end levels are recorded to calculate consumption 

Historic consumption is looked up on separate tabs on Reference Samples and Consumables, where each use is tabled, graphed and unusual records highlighted. A consumption report is available, and also for stock level, near-expiry and to be re-ordered samples and consumables

Existing Bika Senaite Storage functionality will be integrated, to store and retrieve reference samples and consumables from the facilities configured

Specification document
Version 1 here, Inventory management. Use Case and Functional Specification

Best regards
Team Bika

Bika LIMS Collective
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