Welcome aboard.  The Why and How and What of  
Hi there and thanks for signing up to the inaugural edition of  I bet you have a few questions, so let's see if I cannot answer them....

What is
The mission of the is to assist in stewarding Paleo/primal/evolutionary/ancestral eating responsibly as it goes mainstream.

What will be the format of
You are looking at it.  This is an email  :) 

Selected and original content in the Paleo world will be highlighted and commented upon in a variety of ways.  I'm planning content that goes way beyond simply linking back to interesting blog posts.  I am going to include things like infographics, interviews and yes, commercial offerings that Paleo diet enthusiasts will find compelling.  Plus, I have a few surprises for you.  :)

Who are you?
My name is Patrik and I maintain  I have been eating Paleo for a few years now and part of the Paleosphere for just as long.  Eating Paleo has, amongst other things, eliminated my life-long migraines and in short, changed my life.  

Why do this?  And why this format?
I want to ensure that people with thoughtful and credible ideas remain the face of Paleo as it explodes into the mainstream (the now emergent gratuitous Paleo re-enactment fetishists must be starved of attention as well as their snake-oil selling jump-on-the-Paleo-bandwagon-brethren) by creating a well-branded web and email presence that will encourage positive first experiences and successful trial by new individuals. 

I will ruthlessly discriminate against people who I feel are promoting Paleo for the wrong reasons.  

A thriving, thoughful and fun email newsletter will complement the existing ecosystem of Paleo blogs, directories, podcasts, video-bloggers and forums and in doing so, will hopefully engender serious treatment about Paleo eating in the mainstream media and academia.

Is this a BIG TENT or a small tent?
This is a Big Tent.  It has to be given the frailty of knowledge about modern hunter-gatherers, our Paleolithic ancestors, and recent evolutionary changes in the last 10,000 years.  I view eating Paleo as a broad and flexible meta-rule: Eat in an evolutionary appropriate manner for our species. That's it.  Full Stop. 

So, you might be asking, what does evolutionary appropriate manner for our species mean?  What it means is that I fully expect its meaning to change, or uh, "evolve", as better anthropological, genetic and medical evidence accumulates.  I think the jury is still out on many of what we Paleo diet enthusiasts firmly believe in regards to intermintent fasting, saturated fats, macro-nutrient ratios, supplements, fitness etc etc  And that's okay. 

As John Maynard Keynes said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

Probably, there are multiple ways of eating evolutionarily appropriately depending on who you are, your state of health, and personal history. 

Okay.  Sounds good.  So what's next?
This is gonna be a helluva journey and a lot of fun (I have a few more tricks up my sleeve).  Since you trusted me, signed-up and convinced some of your friends to sign-up, I'd like to thank you and reward you in some small way. 

1)  So, thank you.  :)

I am giving away two free tickets to the (sold-out!) Ancestral Health Symposium in Los Angeles on August 5th & 6th 2011.  All you gotta do is write a blog post linking to about why I should pick you to go.  Make sure you let me know you blogged about it by tweeting at me: @paleolithicdiet  I will pick two winners by this Thursday.

Yours in Paleo,

PS Expect something different from me every week. 

PPS We're gonna have some fun together.  I promise. 
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