Hey Darden Fam!

The DSA is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Darden School Foundation! Given the shared missions of the DSA and Foundation, we are excited to work together to create a fulfilling and fun experience for every member of the Darden community. The Foundation's support allows the DSA to continue collaborating with student clubs on Cold Calls and supports our efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion via our advocacy and OneDarden events, among many other initiatives and events we host. In addition to supporting the DSA's efforts to make Darden a better, more inclusive place, the Foundation also supports other student clubs and departments by engaging and connecting alums to students and providing financial support, among other things. The DSA and the Foundation are mutually excited about this partnership and look forward to working together to enhance the legacy and experiences that make Darden an extraordinary place.

To the staff at the Foundation – Thank you for your support and partnership. We could not do what we do with you!

Cold Call Today: Build your brand with Darden alumni! Join the Darden Annual Fund at Cold Call today. This Cold call is hosted by Private Equity Club, Finance Club, Fintech Club, and Darden Capital Management in collaboration with The Darden Annual fund. There will be video booths available. So, take a few minutes to enjoy happy hour and record a short video message to share with alumni – let them know how your Darden experience is going, what your plans are for after graduation, and thank alumni for their support. Take advantage of this great opportunity to show appreciation for Darden alumni and gain more exposure within the alumni network.

See you at 5PM today on Flagler!!

- Darden Student Association