Unique travel opportunity:
track Apache wolves, June 2011

If Overland Expo inspired you to get out and explore the world, we have a suggestion—right here in America, but very far "out there" in experience. This is an amazing journey into Apache country seldom open to outsiders; the few slots left on this trip won't last long, so we wanted to pass this on to you as soon as we heard about it. Read on:

For centuries, the White Mountain Apache have lived in the canyons and forests that are now known as the American Southwest—a vast expanse of land where Mexican gray wolves once thrived.

And even though, in recent years, these magnificent animals have been living as little more than shadows on the landscape, fighting extinction, El Lobo remains a revered thread in the fabric of Apache tradition. 

Today, the White Mountain Apache are helping to rewrite history for these highly endangered animals, opening more than 1.5 million acres of tribal lands to Mexican wolves… and to YOU!

The White Mountain Apache Tribe is now offering a unique culture and wildlife tour that will take you on a 6-day/5-night journey into the heart of the Southwest. 

  • Join Apache guides on expeditions into the Tribe’s remote, lush forests for a chance to hear or see North America’s rarest wolf in the wild and learn about efforts to restore other imperiled wildlife such as Mexican spotted owls and Apache trout
  • Experience firsthand the Apache way of life through crafts, storytelling and traditional meals (vegetarian options available)
  • Sleep safe and comfortably in furnished cabins
  • Gain insight into centuries-old traditional ceremonies
  • Connect with wildlife through Apache culture and help save something wild

“Going into battle, or out for a long hunt, our warriors would sing the song of the wolf to imitate the wolf in the way the wolf travels.” – Krista Beazley, Apache wolf biologist

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The trip with open spaces is June 5-10. To find out more and to book this trip, contact trip coordinator Naturalist Journeys, based in Portal, Arizona. See also:   
(includes brief radio news piece with tribal wolf biologist)

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