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Fantasy takes hold as Paddy Power set to launch sports trading exchange. 

Paddy Power, the son of the bookmaker’s founder, is set to launch a new fantasy sports betting company called American SportZ Exchange (ASX).

Photo Source: Dallas News/ Jill On Money
The start-up, which claims to be “the world’s first sports trading exchange”, allows users to buy or sell ‘shares’ based on how they believe a player or team will perform. 
“It’s like a virtual stock market for players and teams,” Mr Power told the Irish Independent. “We’re basically allowing sports fans to speculate on player or team performance.”
He said that ASX is looking at several models, including a standalone exchange for fans and a ‘white label’ solution for major sports teams or media operators. 
This is where ASX has the potential to really differentiate themselves from Jock MKT or the now defunct Football Index
“There are opportunities for teams and clubs to own their fans’ engagement in this type of activity,” he said. “They’d like to keep [the fans] on their own site rather than see them going elsewhere to do all that online activity.”
This has the potential to provide sports teams the much sought-after opportunity to directly engage with fans without reliance on a third party (such as a social media platform). 
Interestingly, ASX is powered by Acceleradar, which provides early-stage start-ups up to one year of free access to Sportradar‘s data and products.

While Sportradar was recently replaced by Genius Sports as NFL betting data distributor, both these data behemoths share a similar vision for the future of sports fandom and engagement. 
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When it comes to women's sport, there is a common argument against equal pay on the basis that they generate less revenue and attention. 

This is, in the view of Omar Chaudhuri, Chief Intelligence Officer at Twenty First Group, an argument that has parallels with those of the ESL's breakaway clubs.

However, the vast majority of fans rejected the European Super League's same argument to be proportionately rewarded for the revenue and attention that they generate.

Fans instead insisted that the money should be distributed across the game. The ESL was described as 'greedy' because, if it had succeeded, it would have taken money away from these smaller clubs.

In other words, in the context of ESL, fans did not accept that greater popularity (of the biggest clubs) should = more money. And yet in the context of men's vs women's football, many push the argument that greater popularity (of the men's game) should = more money.

Essentially, this is a hypocrisy as far as the extent of re-distribution that people are comfortable with. Within the men’s game, people appear much more comfortable with a higher level of re-distribution than from the men’s game to the women’s game. 

With fans seeking greater presence on club boards, it is important to highlight this hypocracy in the hope that more can be done to make meaningful change for the women's game in the near future.  
Here's a few of the top articles that I've come across this week. I hope you enjoy!
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Governance and Finance
  • Manchester City, the Gulf-backed soccer team on the cusp of a fourth English Premier League title, is fighting an investigation over financial control rules
  • CVC Capital Partners, the private equity firm seeking investments in sports leagues and franchises around the world, has hired Richard Scudamore, the former chief executive of the Premier League, as an adviser.
  • Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin revealed that he intends to become an investor in the NWSL’s Washington Spirit. Ovechkin said he feels it’s important to support women’s sports and wants to support the Washington DC community too.
  • Gatorade announced it has launched an advisory board to help drive change for women and girls in sports and address barriers that contribute to the decline of females participating in sports.
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Sponsorship and Marketing
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Broadcast and Media
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Welcome to the the Sports Pundit Networking Series. The aim is to promote Sports Pundit readers and foster a greater community across the newsletter. For the first episode, I caught up with long time reader, Lona Price Jones, an Account Executive at Halfspace.
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