Traverse Legal Wins!

Our attorneys secured one of the largest judgments ever awarded under the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act on behalf of one of our clients,  

  • What this means for your business:  If a domain name registrant has registered a domain name which is confusingly similar to your trademark or your web site domain name, you may be the victim of trademark cybersquatting. We have a cybersquatting attorney who can help you understand your options in obtaining the infringing domain name to your control and potentially obtaining money damages against the cybersquatter engaging in trademark infringement.

Yet Another Cybersquatting Victory...

Recently TL, representing ForeWord Magazine Inc., won a significant cybersquatting case against OverDrive, Inc. in a jury trial in the Federal Court for the Western District of Michigan including an award of attorneys fees against the cybersquatter.   The case involved OverDrive Inc.'s  retention and use of the domain ""  after the partnership between the parties was dissolved.   OverDrive used the domain to divert traffic to it's own site and refused to turn over the domain to ForeWord.  Under the Anticybersquatting Protection Act the court found that this infringing use of the domain was an  "exceptional " case which is defined defined under the ACPA as "malicious, fraudulent, willful or deliberate" and supported an award of attorney fees in addition to the damages awarded by the  jury in this case. 

  • What this means for your business: You as a business owner spend time and money building a brand.  Each cybersquatting lawyer at our law firm has experience arbitrating cybersquatting cases such as domain typosquatting under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)—before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and National Arbitration Forum (NAF)—as well as Internet law litigation under the Lanham Act and Anti-Cybersquatting Piracy Act (ACPA). If your company's hard-earned reputation has been diverted to a false or competitve website, chances are that a cybersquatting attorney from our law firm can help you too.

Traverse Legal Launches New Informative Website.

This year TL launched CYBERTRIALLAWYER.COM, an innovative site designed to provide information on internet issues that effect businesses and individuals.

  • What this means for your business:   If you have an internet law question, whether it involves website agreements, affiliate marketing, online contract drafting or negotiation, copyright infringement, internet defamation of character, domain name disputes, hacking or unauthorized access, trade secret theft, trademark infringement or other issue arising on the world wide web, check out for helpful information. 

Traverse Legal Expands.

Traverse Legal welcomes new staff members Steve Chemello, Terry Wolf and Pamela Burton.

Traverse Legal definitely "walks to talk" when it comes to technical and internet expertise.  Steve Chemello, one of the "Big Brains" behind our advanced technical system here at Traverse Legal, has spent 14 years working in IT,  Networking, systems administration, database administration and programming, data analysis, and web application programming. Steve helps keep the system and our award-winning extranet running smoothly.

Terry Wolf is our new full time client development and intake liaison.  She handles all aspects of initial client contact, including matching client needs to our wealth of legal solutions, assisting in the establishment of client/attorney relationships, and even advising best “next steps” for our established clients. Terry is a very knowledgeable paralegal in all areas of business technology, intellectual property and internet law.

Newest member of our starship crew is Pamela Burton.  A Traverse City native, Pam brings a wealth of experience from 30 years in the legal fields in Traverse City, Dallas, Kansas City and Chicago, specializing in civil litigation - from both the Plaintiff and Defendant side.

  • What this means for your business: We know your time is valuable.   Recognizing the unique business and technical expertise required to deliver high quality solutions to clients, the entire firm’s infrastructure is built to leverage our expertise and permit us to take a “hands-on” approach to problems.

    We are not your typical group of lawyers!