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July Update


Public Accountability 

If time is your most valuable asset, then you must optimize your schedule for both your professional and personal life.    
I've previously written about managing time, increasing productivity, and formalizing procedures in regards to business strategy, but I've recently shifted the same core concepts to my personal life.
What makes you productive at work? Perhaps the motivation of your colleagues. Or the threat of disappointing your boss or client. Regardless, organizing and prioritizing tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly timeline enables focus. 
More importantly, sharing these timelines and anticipated completion dates with colleagues creates accountability. Most of Generation Y does not have the same accountability in their personal lives. 
While a member of GenY may believe they only let themselves down by not completing a task, it will still directly affect those closest to them and it inhibits them from growing as an individual.
As a result there is a trend to become publicly accountable for one's personal life. From health goals to personal finances and even menial tasks (i.e. taking pills, cleaning, etc.). 
By tracking your personal habits and publicly sharing your progress you become accountable, and thus, more focused on achieving your goals
Who holds you accountable? 

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