What is a Higher Apprenticeship? Facts to pass on to your pupils...
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Confused about Higher Apprenticeships? Here's a useful breakdown...

What is a Higher Apprenticeship?

Last time, we went through the three different types of Apprenticeship (if you missed that or you've forgotten, you can see it again here). This time we're going to explain Higher Apprenticeships in more detail.

Higher Apprenticeships are the new kids on the block. Launched in 2009, this level of apprenticeship might be baby-faced, but it certainly packs a punch. The clue is in the name: it’s the only type of apprenticeship that leads to a Level 4 (or above) qualification, which is the equivalent of a higher education qualification (university and above).

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But what does it mean?

It means that if you aspire to be a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant or pretty much any other type of 'professional', you don't need to go to university. You can get the same level of qualifications, but without the debt that comes with university tuition fees.

In fact, school leavers often qualify as Chartered Accountants a year younger than graduates do, simply by opting for a Higher Apprenticeship rather than doing a degree.

Who are they looking for?

These programmes are aimed at young people with A-levels who might have considered university, but like the idea of going straight into work, earning money and also getting a really high level qualification at the same time. 

What if that's not me?

That's ok, there are also other types of apprenticeship that might be for you. If you decide A-levels aren't right for you then you can start with an Intermediate Apprenticeship or an Advanced Apprenticeship

Where can I find out about the employers offering them?

If you've already decided that you want to do a Higher Apprenticeship, you can search for the latest opportunities right now. Alternatively, you can explore the different firms that offer Higher Apprenticeships to see how long their programmes last and figure out what you might earn. 
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